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Roof Replacement

Industrial Roof Replacement in Miami & Fort Lauderdale. FREE Commercial Roofing Estimates. Factory Authorized, Certified Roof Replacement Contractors. All Commercial Roofing Types available from A-1 Property Services. Contact us today for commercial roof replacement.

Roof Replacement
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Professional Above & Below Grade Waterproofing services in Miami & Fort Lauderdale. We offer vehicle & pedestrian Traffic Coating Systems, as well as roof deck, split slab and expansion joint sealing. Whatever your commercial waterproofing needs, we’ve got you covered.

Roofing Inspection, Commercial roof inpection, industrial roof maintenance plans

Roof Inspections & Maintenance Plans

Your Roof is a business asset, keeping your building and its contents protected. Regular roof inspections & a comprehensive Roof Maintenance Plan are a vital part of protecting your business assets.

Inspection & Maintenance

New Construction Roofing – HOA & Property Management

FREE Roofing Estimate

FREE Roofing Estimate! .

Miami Emergency Roof Repair

When storms pass through Miami, leaving your commercial property damaged in the wake, A-1 Property Services should be the first number you call for commercial roof repair. From fixing a small leak to extensive structural repair and roof replacement, our knowledgeable team will take the precautions necessary to prevent further damage, make repairs and even assist you in filing insurance paperwork, if necessary.
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Traffic Waterproofing