Can Your Commercial Building Benefit from a Metal Roof?

  In a search for metal roofers, Miami businesses can be confused and disappointed by the number of residential roofers who try to take on commercial projects. Lacking expertise in metal roofing for industrial and commercial buildings, these smaller operators leave a bad reputation for metal roofing. Yet your commercial property could very well benefit from metal roofing’s many strengths. (more…) Read more

Why Correct Metal Roofing Installation Matters

  As professional metal roofers in Miami, we know the advantages of this type of roofing system over others in terms of maintenance, wind/fire resistance, energy efficiency, durability and more. While a metal roof is great in terms of ROI, correct installation is imperative to your roof's integrity and to ensure against leaks or other potential problems. Why is it so important to have a metal roof installed by professionals? (more…) Read more

What You Need to Know about Metal Roof Repair

With the recent heavy storms and hurricanes, many area roofers have been busy with Miami roof repair work, including metal roofing. Many of our own clients have been asking what more they can do to both protect their metal roof and get metal repair work done promptly. (more…) Read more

Is a Metal Roof Your Best Choice in Storm Country?

If you own a home here in Miami, where storms often cause extensive, costly damage, it makes good sense to choose the most durable roofing material within your budget when the time comes for a roof replacement. If you compare different types of materials on the market, like clay or concrete tile, asphalt shingles, or natural slate and wood shakes, the many advantages that metal roofing offers make it option that's worth learning more about. (more…) Read more

Minimize Future Storm Damage with These Tips

The integrity and strength of your commercial building’s roof begins at street level. This may sound strange, but consider how your whole building functions as a complete system. To be ready for the next major Miami storm, view your building strategically and take these mitigation steps now. (more…) Read more

Preparing Your Home for the Next Storm

If you had luck on your side, you home wasn't affected by the recent storms that hit Florida, but that may not be the case when severe weather strikes again. If you want to safeguard your home against future storms, it's wise to start with the roof, since it's one of your home's most vulnerable structural components. Here are some recommended ways you can get prepared: (more…) Read more

How to Make Your Roof Replacement Go as Smoothly as Possible

Having a new roof installed is a major project, but if you plan ahead and make wise choices, it doesn't have to be a stressful experience. Here are some helpful suggestions on what you can do to enjoy a smooth, worry-free roof replacement at your Miami home. (more…) Read more

Below Grade Waterproofing and Your Commercial Roof

Below-grade waterproofing is often one of the most critical steps in construction because if it isn't done correctly, your building can quickly develop water problems with the foundation or sidewalls - anything below ground level, where water can seep in. Choosing the right approach to below-grade waterproofing is almost as important as choosing the right Miami waterproofing contractors to do the job. (more…) Read more

Roof Maintenance Strategies to Save You Money & Time

Many a Miami roofing company has responded to a homeowner needing extensive repair but who never invested time or money in routine roofing maintenance. Before your Miami home’s roof becomes an expensive re-roofing project, consider these four tips to save money and time. (more…) Read more

How to Prioritize Repairs After a Hurricane

When a hurricane roars through South Florida and your property's roof is damaged, it puts your commercial building's structure and contents in jeopardy. A hurricane's fierce winds, pounding rain and flying debris can inflict serious harm on your low-slope commercial roof, even if you've taken all the right precautions in advance. To minimize the physical and financial impact of any damage your roof may have sustained, you need to react quickly to prioritize needed repairs. (more…) Read more
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