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Roof Maintenance Plans And Tax Benefits

Many commercial property managers believe that the most important component of their building is the foundation. (more…) Read more

Why Roof Repairs And DIY Don’t Mix

It is a grim statistic: in 2016 (the latest year data are available) 697 people died from falls from structures, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This includes roofers, carpenters, satellite dish installers and more. That number alone should convince most homeowners that roof repair and do-it-yourself attitudes do not mix. Please, though, if you ever are considering clambering onto your Miami-area home’s roof to perform roof repair, read on. (more…) Read more

Miami Roofing Contractors Trust GAF Master Elite Products

For Miami property managers and owners, roofing problems are like relentless leaks on the bottom line of your assets. It's not worth the time and expense to work with mediocre products and contractors that offer no guarantees down the road. If you want to protect your roofs and investments, learn why Miami GAF factory-certified roofing contractors choose superior GAF Master Elite® commercial roofing products. (more…) Read more

Prioritizing Flat Roof Repairs in Miami This Spring

Spring in Miami is the optimal time to complete some tasks that will help keep your flat roof in good condition. During the winter months, your flat roof can take a beating. Setting priorities for repairing the damage (and preventing future problems) should be at the top of your “to-do” list this season. (more…) Read more

Waterproofing Flat Roofs; What You Need To Know

Here in Miami, flat roofs like the one protecting your commercial property are exposed to a year-round onslaught of extreme weather that includes blistering heat, harsh infrared and UV radiation, rainfall of over 60 inches, as well as tropical storms and hurricanes. Waterproofing your property's flat roof can limit the wear and damage it sustains from the elements and help you achieve the maximum return on your roofing investment. Taking a proactive measure like waterproofing offers other perks too, like: (more…) Read more

Looking for Aesthetics? Try Metal Roofing

What can Miami metal roofers offer that ensures a beautiful Miami home does not end up looking like an orange orchard’s shed? If you have not seen the latest in metal roofing’s amazing configurations, you may be overlooking a great, durable and economical roofing choice. Metal roofing installed by highly trained Miami metal roofers who can take on just about any appearance you desire. (more…) Read more

How Metal Roofs Hold Their Value

Is a metal roof a bargain? When you get your invoice after installation, you may not think so, but look at that number and divide it by 50. A metal roof expertly installed by Miami metal roofers will last around 50 years. Metal roofs hold their value, and then some. (more…) Read more

Metal Roofing Maintenance Tips for your Commercial Roof

Whether you chose or inherited a durable metal roof for your commercial property, congratulations: you have a tough, long-lasting roofing material that requires very little upkeep from your facilities maintenance crew. Among Miami metal roofers, few spend the majority of their time repairing metal roofing. They work to fix BUR and modified bitumen roofs (a lot); they make occasional repairs to single-ply membranes, but they seldom have to answer a lot of metal roofing repair or service calls. (more…) Read more

Can Your Commercial Building Benefit from a Metal Roof?

  In a search for metal roofers, Miami businesses can be confused and disappointed by the number of residential roofers who try to take on commercial projects. Lacking expertise in metal roofing for industrial and commercial buildings, these smaller operators leave a bad reputation for metal roofing. Yet your commercial property could very well benefit from metal roofing’s many strengths. (more…) Read more

Why Correct Metal Roofing Installation Matters

  As professional metal roofers in Miami, we know the advantages of this type of roofing system over others in terms of maintenance, wind/fire resistance, energy efficiency, durability and more. While a metal roof is great in terms of ROI, correct installation is imperative to your roof's integrity and to ensure against leaks or other potential problems. Why is it so important to have a metal roof installed by professionals? (more…) Read more
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