How to Make Your Roof Replacement Go Smoothly as Possible

Having a new roof installed is a major project, but if you plan ahead and make wise choices, it doesn't have to be a stressful experience. Here are some helpful suggestions on what you can do to enjoy a smooth, worry-free roof replacement at your Miami home. (more…) Read more

Below Grade Waterproofing and Your Commercial Roof

Below-grade waterproofing is often one of the most critical steps in construction because if it isn't done correctly, your building can quickly develop water problems with the foundation or sidewalls - anything below ground level, where water can seep in. Choosing the right approach to below-grade waterproofing is almost as important as choosing the right Miami waterproofing contractors to do the job. (more…) Read more

Roof Maintenance Strategies to Save You Money & Time

Many a Miami roofing company has responded to a homeowner needing extensive repair but who never invested time or money in routine roofing maintenance. Before your Miami home’s roof becomes an expensive re-roofing project, consider these four tips to save money and time. (more…) Read more

How to Prioritize Repairs After a Hurricane

When a hurricane roars through South Florida and your property's roof is damaged, it puts your commercial building's structure and contents in jeopardy. A hurricane's fierce winds, pounding rain and flying debris can inflict serious harm on your low-slope commercial roof, even if you've taken all the right precautions in advance. To minimize the physical and financial impact of any damage your roof may have sustained, you need to react quickly to prioritize needed repairs. (more…) Read more

3 Ideas NOT to Implement on Your Roof

Many a well-meaning Miami homeowner attempts some homemade remedy for a roof, only to end up calling professional Miami roofers to repair the repair. Three “good ideas” — that are anything but — you should avoid for your roof are outlined here. (more…) Read more

Tips for Your New Commercial Roof Construction Project

Handling a Miami roofing project so that your business is not thrown into turmoil requires clear communication, a good schedule, and trust between you and your Miami roofing contractor. Whether getting a recover, complete tear-off or starting from the original construction, commercial roofing is a challenge made easier by following these tips. (more…) Read more

Pick a Roofing Contractor Who Exceeds Your Needs

How can Miami homeowners evaluate Miami roofers to find the contractor who not only meets but exceeds your project requirements? Here are four areas to examine in selecting the best of Miami roofers for your home’s roofing work. (more…) Read more

Warning Signs that Your Roof is in Trouble

    How well your roof performs and how long it lasts is directly affected by our tropical climate, the type and quality of your roofing material, and whether you keep the roof well maintained. You can tell that trouble is brewing and you may need roofing repairs for your Miami home if you're experiencing any of these warning signs: (more…) Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Waterproofing Your Roof

With time and exposure to the elements, the roof on your commercial property is bound to deteriorate even if you've maintained it and made necessary repairs. Waterproofing is an option that can restore and preserve the existing roof to prolong its useful lifespan and help you get the greatest possible ROI on this costly asset. (more…) Read more

3 Things That Take Your Flat Roof Replacement to the Top

The best flat roof replacement Miami businesses could hope for will combine economy, longevity and minimal business disruption. Take your business to the top with these tips. (more…) Read more
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