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Warning Signs that Your Roof is in Trouble

    How well your roof performs and how long it lasts is directly affected by our tropical climate, the type and quality of your roofing material, and whether you keep the roof well maintained. You can tell that trouble is brewing and you may need roofing repairs for your Miami home if you're experiencing any of these warning signs: (more…) Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Waterproofing Your Roof

With time and exposure to the elements, the roof on your commercial property is bound to deteriorate even if you've maintained it and made necessary repairs. Waterproofing is an option that can restore and preserve the existing roof to prolong its useful lifespan and help you get the greatest possible ROI on this costly asset. (more…) Read more

3 Things That Take Your Flat Roof Replacement to the Top

The best flat roof replacement Miami businesses could hope for will combine economy, longevity and minimal business disruption. Take your business to the top with these tips. (more…) Read more

A-1 Rises to the Challenge — Reroofing the Miami Zoo

We would be lion if we said we were not excited to have helped Zoo Miami to protect its buildings (and animals) with a roofing project. Not one, but three roofs needed our help, including one over the veterinary hospital. Shh… the animals are resting! The same care and attention we brought to Zoo Miami is available to you, our commercial customer. (more…) Read more

How to Be the Best Roofing Customer Ever

The roof on your home protects the entire structure, your family and all your possessions from all kinds of inclement weather. Because of your roof's importance, now's the time to forge a good relationship with a reputable roofing contractor so you'll have an ally to rely on when it needs maintenance, emergency repairs or a full replacement. Here's some helpful advice on how get the full benefit of working with your roofer by being the best customer ever. (more…) Read more

Is Your Roof Inspection Covering What it Should?

Your roof sits up high where it's exposed and vulnerable to our volatile Miami weather, so you can expect that wear and aging are inevitable. If you're not keeping your roof well cared for, minor issues are bound to develop and escalate into major problems that require costly repairs or shorten its useful lifespan. The easiest way to keep ahead of any problems is to have your roof inspected regularly. For your peace of mind, it's essential that your roof receives a ... Read more

3 Big Reasons NOT to Skimp When It Comes to Your Roof

If you're like most homeowners, having a new roof installed is a major expense, so you want to get the best deal possible. If price is your main criteria, though, you might be tempted to get quotes from the most affordable roofers in Miami and go with the one who puts in a low-ball bid. (more…) Read more

Is Your Roofer Really Listening To You? Ways to Know

  Most roof work is hard. Yet good Miami commercial roofers must have what are known as “soft skills,” the human-oriented skills. Your partner in roofing needs to have those skills, too, and one of them is listening. (more…) Read more

Simple Ways to Give Your Roof Big Love AND Meet Your Bottom Line

  Life does not always have to be hard. Easy solutions sometimes really are best. This is as true for your business within your Miami building as it is for the roof above your business. For commercial roofing, Miami businesses can try three simple ways to keep on top of rooftop maintenance. (more…) Read more

Ways Water Wrecks Your Roof – What You Need to Do!

  When you consider the threat that water poses to the roof on your commercial building, you probably think of sudden and catastrophic damage from a heavy rain storm. Water can also destroy your roof and wreak havoc on the building's interior slowly over time due to unresolved issues like membrane punctures, seam separations, missing or damaged flashing and/or poor drainage. Adopting a proactive approach to timely roof maintenance and repairs, and taking preventive measures like waterproofing your Miami property's roof can help ... Read more
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