Minimize Future Storm Damage with These Tips

Minimize Future Storm Damage with These Tips

The integrity and strength of your commercial building’s roof begins at street level. This may sound strange, but consider how your whole building functions as a complete system. To be ready for the next major Miami storm, view your building strategically and take these mitigation steps now.


Your rooftop storm drainage is only as good as the bottom end. Ensure all storm drains, downspouts, downspout extensions and splash blocks are clear of plant matter and trash. With proper safety equipment and training, send some of your facilities crew onto the roof to inspect and clear internal drains and parapet scuppers.

Miami storms can deliver astonishingly huge amounts of water. By keeping the entire drainage system and drain field clear, you can keep water flowing off the roof and away from your building’s foundations.


Cut back overhanging trees, or hire a tree service to do bucket truck work so your roof and power lines are free from potential impacts.

Remove rooftop invaders like small saplings that grow from ponding water or organic debris. Remove the organic matter, too, so small grasses and flowering plants cannot get anchored at seams, near flashing or in overhangs.


Any signs, rooftop attachments, and roof piercings should be inspected regularly. Over time, the expansion and contraction of metal and other materials can deform the holes that anchor HVAC curbs, sign frames, radio towers and other pieces to your roof. If a storm rises up and high winds hit a rooftop sign, the flat surface of the sign can act as a sail and very severe damage can result.


Having some emergency solutions on hand in storage is a good precaution. You cannot expect your facilities crew to go topside during the active parts of a storm, but quick action afterward can decrease the damage.

Consider having a few essentials on hand, stored as close to the roof as is practical:

  • Heavy duty tarps in various sizes
  • Cement block or steel weights
  • Extra ballast

We highly recommend quick calls to your local, helpful Miami commercial roofers, but until they can arrive on a scene, a well-placed tarp can prevent the worst damage from a new leak.

As trusted partners and one of the best Miami commercial roofers, A-1 Property Services can work with you to ensure your building is in its best shape possible to withstand Miami’s next big storm. Contact us today!

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