Roof Maintenance Plans And Tax Benefits

Roof Maintenance Plans And Tax Benefits

Many commercial property managers believe that the most important component of their building is the foundation.

But the people who manage thousands of insurance claims every year say that managers should set their sights much higher; it’s actually the roof.

If you’re suspicious of insurance companies, then take it from an impartial third party, Bankrate. The roof, these analysts say, is the most vital part of a building because “it’s the gateway to far greater damage claims once it’s breached.”

The best way to protect your commercial property from roof damage and claims that can rapidly soar into the five-figure range? A roof maintenance plan. It not only makes smart building sense; it makes smart business sense, too, since the plans are tax-deductible.

Why roof maintenance matters

Since people don’t walk on it (like floors), walk through it (like doors) or navigate around it (like walls), it’s easy to overlook the significance of a roof. But it represents the most crucial part of a building’s “envelope” – the all-important infrastructure that also includes the subfloor, doors, exterior walls and windows.

A roof is your building’s first and best defense against the outdoor elements. In Miami, this obviously includes the challenges of sun, rain and wind but also severe weather events such as tropical storms and hurricanes. Leaks and the catastrophic damage they can cause may be the greatest worry of many commercial property owners. But roofs also are prone to wear and tear, drainage problems and even fire hazards – all of which a roof maintenance plan is designed to cover.

Size up the benefits of a roof maintenance plan

A customized roof maintenance plan, like the one A-1 Property Services, creates for its customers, is one of the most proactive steps a commercial property manager can take to protect the investment the roof required in the first place. In addition to being tax-deductible, such a plan:

  • Helps detect small problems so they can be fixed before they balloon into bigger, more expensive problems.
  • Guards against the premature replacement of a roof.
  • Often extends a roof’s normal lifespan.
  • Protects the terms of the roof warranty.

A roof maintenance plan could end up being one of the wisest business decisions you make to preserve the investment you’ve made in your building. Call A-1 Property Services for a consultation – and seal the most important part of your building’s “envelope” with confidence.