12 Roofing Terms: What You Need to Know

roofing_contractor_newroof-laminated shingleOn-going roof maintenance is important for the longevity of any roof, but eventually you will need to repair the roof on your Miami home to maintain its integrity. However, you may find that when you talk to a roofing contractor you will hear terms that may be unfamiliar to you.

At A-1 Property Services, we want our Miami homeowners to be knowledgeable so they can make informed decisions about roof maintenance, which is why we are providing the following roofing terms for your convenience:

5 Roofing Components

  • Underlayment – a form of sheeting that is made from various materials, and rolled over the roof deck to provide a seal between the deck, with the shingles laid over it.
  • Flashing – thin sheets of aluminum or sheet metal placed around the edges of plumbing vents, chimneys, or other items that protrude from your roof, such as skylights. Flashing is installed over the underlayment and below the roofing material.
  • Shingles/Tile/Metal Roofing – a wide variety of materials used to seal your roof from the elements. Shingles and tiles are the most common of these materials.
  • Drip Edge – a form of edging installed along the end of the roof eaves to direct water runoff away from the underlying construction of the roof into rain gutters that are attached to the edge of the eaves.
  • Decking/Sheathing – the material that the underlayment and shingles are attached to. Most of the time this decking is constructed of plywood or pressboard panels. The underlayment and shingles protect the decking from the weather.

7 Design Elements of a Roof

  • Ridge – the high point along the very top of the roof.
  • Hip – similar to a ridge in that it is where two sections of the roof meet, except both section’s planes are downward sloping at an angle, to the edge of the roof.
  • Valley – where two downward sloping sections of the roof meet at a low point. They form a natural V-shape on the roof.
  • Pitch – the slope or angle of steepness of the roof.
  • Eaves – the part of the roof that hangs over the edge of the home. They usually have a front board called a fascia where rain gutters are attached.
  • Gables – triangular-shaped sections along the ends of the home extending from the eaves to the ridge of the roof.
  • Soffits – finished areas under the eaves along the edge of the home, where you would typically find attic ventilation screens to allow for the exchange of air in your attic.


These are just some of the basic elements of a roof that you should be aware of. When it is time for roof maintenance or replacement, these terms will help guide your discussion with a professional roofing contractor.

A-1 Property Services proudly serves Miami as a GAF Master Elite Contractor. When you are in need of roof maintenance or repair or a full roof replacement, contact A-1 Property Services, where top quality and great customer service are as important to us and it is to you.

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