3 Essential Steps for Cleaning Your Tile Roof

TilesWhen it comes to tile roofing, Miami home and business owners are very interested in knowing the best ways to maintain this type of roofing material, and more specifically, how to keep it clean. Here are a few steps you can take to ensure that your tile roofing looks and stays beautiful all year round.

Step #1: Choose the Right Tools

Before you begin the process of cleaning your roof, it’s important to make sure you have the right tools for the job. First, you will need a good, sturdy ladder that has foot stays so you don’t fall. A pressure washer is important, as well, but talk to your tile roofing contractor beforehand to find out which nozzles are appropriate for your particular tiles. Finally, having plywood to stand on while you’re on the roof will ensure that your weight is distributed properly, helping you avoid cracking any tiles.

Additionally, remember to always practice good safety procedures when up on your roof

Step #2: Choose the Right Products

The best cleaning products for tile roofing are sodium hydroxide-based. These are great at degreasing your roof, and they’re also environmentally-friendly. If you need a less expensive option, you can always use chlorine and water and get an excellent result.

Once the tiles have been clean, you will want to apply a fresh sealant and paint to protect them from dirt and moss growth. Your Miami contractor, A-1 Property Services, can offer suggestions on the best products for this process.

Step #3: Check for Any Damage

Finally, once you’re finished, make note of any damages you found while cleaning or any that may have occurred during the cleaning procedure. If you find any tiles that are cracked or have come loose over the years, your Miami contractor will be able to assist you with easy replacement to keep your roof looking its best.

When you’re finished, simply use clean, dry cloths to buff your roof to make it look just like new.

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