3 Metal Roofing Myths

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is gaining in popularity throughout Florida, especially in the Plantation and Miami areas. Metal roofs can last for 50 years, adding to the value of your home. There are several myths about metal roofing that are not factual.

Myth #1: Metal roofs look industrial and they rust

That is far from the truth. A metal roof does not rust since it is coated against rust and it is water resistant. The metal looks likes slate, clay, wood or asphalt shingles with a variety of styles and colors to complement your home’s architecture.

It is rust proof and allows for easy water runoff. Metal is resistant to mildew, mold and algae. It is also fire resistant. Shingles will not rot, a problem found with wood shingles in the humid Florida climate.

A metal roof that is properly installed over a waterproof sheathing will keep your home dry in the wettest weather. Metal shingles have proven to be the most wind resistant roof material even though the shingles are lighter than the other varieties.

Myth #2: Metal roofs are noisy

This is not the old corrugated metal roof found on storage units and cheap housing. Those were “tin roofs” of another century that sounded like you were inside of a tin can during a heavy rainstorm.

Modern metal roofs with proper insulation are not noisy. Rain pounding on today’s metal roofs probably runs off faster with less noise. These roofs are not harmed by hail. Leaves and other debris usually slide off of a metal roof immediately, depending on its pitch. Metal roofs do not attract lightning, either.

Myth #3: Metal roofing is expensive

A new metal roof is an investment in your home with a high rate of return. Your metal roof will likely last longer than your ownership of the home. It adds curb appeal along with extra value when you are ready to sell your home. A properly coated metal roof will radiate heat from the sun, keeping your interior cooler and your utility bill lower. The metal roof requires very little maintenance.

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