3 Signs You May Need a Roof Replacement

roof repairs or replacement?

Many roofing contractors seeking to make a sale will be quick to recommend replacing a roof with issues over repairing it; however, not all roof problems call for a complete replacement.

A part of our role as professional Miami roofers involves recommending the best option for our clients. This means the option that ensures the security of their home and that is right for them given their financial situation. Here are some signs that you should look for to determine whether a roof replacement is necessary:

Age: Does It Matter?

Age is one of the big indicators that your roof needs to be replaced rather than repaired. The standard usable life of a shingle roof tends to be in the 20 to 25 year range.

However, other factors come into play along with age. For example, if your roof is properly ventilated and consists of one layer of shingles instead of multiple layers, it may last longer.

On the other hand, if there are multiple layers and the roof has been in place for longer than 20 years, it may need to be replaced.

Buckling and Curling Shingles

Curling and buckling could mean that your roofing material is nearing (or past) its life expectancy. With an older roof, curled and buckled shingles signal the need for a roof replacement.

If the roof is newer and was properly installed, it may not be necessary to replace it. In that case, it may be possible to resolve the issue with a few relatively minor repairs. Also, if the roof was installed relatively recently, curling and buckling shingles may indicate that it is defective.

Contact a Miami roof repair contractor for a professional opinion. Experienced Miami roofers can tell you whether the failure of your roof makes you eligible for reimbursement.

An Excessive Amount of Lost Shingle Granules

These granules look like large grains of sand and may show up in your gutters and downspouts. The loss of granules is an indication of advanced wear because shingles tend to lose granules as they near the end of their useful life.

Expert Consultation from Local Contractor

If you are wondering whether the signs of damage on your roof indicate the need for repairs or replacement, simply schedule a roof inspection with the great team at A-1 Property Services. We are here to help homeowners in the Miami region with their roof repair needs.

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