4 Important Details about The Life of Your Roof Warranty

4 Important Details about The Life of Your Roof Warranty

If your roof needs to be replaced because it’s damaged or failing, you may not have much time to consider and compare different warranty options. Learning some important details about roof warranties now can help you make a more informed choice when the time comes to replace your roof. Here are four details you need to know:

Your Material Choice Affects the Warranty Lifespan

The warranty period and what’s covered can vary depending on the specific product you choose. If you buy a basic, three-tab shingle, for example, you may only have 100 percent coverage for 3–5 years, followed by 7–15 years of partial “prorated” coverage. In comparison, a more expensive architectural or premium shingle may come with a 50-year or lifetime warranty with lengthier 100 percent and prorated coverage periods.

You May Need to Perform Regular Maintenance for Your Warranty to Survive

Some roofing manufacturer warranties require that specific roof maintenance is done at certain times to keep your coverage intact. If this is included in the fine print of your warranty, you’ll want to keep a record of inspections, maintenance, and repairs as proof that you’ve complied with the manufacturer’s requirements.

You can Accidentally End the Life of Your Roof Warranty

It’s possible to void your roofing warranty without even realizing it, so be sure to check the specific stipulations on the product you choose. Depending on the manufacturer, you might void your warranty through:

  • Installation that’s not done to the manufacturer’s standards.
  • Adding equipment on the roof like a satellite dish, solar panels or antennae.
  • Inadequate roof ventilation.
  • Applying spray foam insulation to the roof sheathing to create a “hot roof.”
  • Using a pressure washer to clean the roof.
  • Leaving old roofing in place rather than tearing it off.

Who You Hire Can Make a Difference in the Lifespan of Your Warranty

Roofing manufacturers know that expert installation helps their products perform better and last longer. For this reason, they offer optional warranties with much better protection for roofs installed by one of their factory-certified contractors. You’ll pay a little extra for this type of comprehensive warranty that covers materials, labor, your roof system components and workmanship, but you’ll have peace of mind that you’re well protected.

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