4 Myths About Roofing Tiles

roofing tile myths

Tile roofing adds to the aesthetic appeal of the building and keeps weather and extreme temperatures at bay. Many homeowners, however, are mislead by some very common myths when it comes to purchasing tiles. We’re going to dispel some of these myths:

1) Roofing tiles are easily damaged during heavy rainstorms

False.  Concrete and clay tiles are made to last.  A quality manufacturer adheres to the strictest quality standards, and the tiles respond accordingly.  Even the heaviest of rainstorms will not harm your tiles over the long term, although blunt force and foot traffic may cause individual tiles to crack. Fortunately, repairing a tile roof is a quick process for a qualified roofing contractor.

2) Roofing tiles are inconsequential when it comes to energy savings

False.  Some tiles are more energy efficient than others, although you’ll find that all of the selections offered by A-1 Property Services come with satisfactory efficiency ratings. If energy efficiency is important to you, speak to one of our representatives to determine which tile is right for you.

3) Roofing tiles are expensive

True.  Roofing tiles can be one of the most expensive roofing types.  However, since most tiles will last 20-50 years, the return on your initial investment is quite high. When energy savings is factored in as well, the cost looks even more appealing.

4) Roofing tiles are all created equal

False. Just as any other roofing type, roofing tiles can be made cheaply or by a quality manufacturer. Additionally, there are several different types, colors and styles to choose from. Your individual needs and budget can help determine which type of roofing tile would be best for your home.

Roofing tiles are a great addition to homes in the Miami area.  When it’s time to replace your roof, give the A-1 Team a call. Our specialists will help you determine the best solution for you, and each purchase is backed by our guarantee. Whether you need a new roof for your home, or business, we will make sure it gets done right the first time.

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