4 Reasons Your Home Needs Proper Attic Ventilation

roof ventilation and architectural shingles

During the heat of the summer, one of the most common problems that our team of Miami roofers deal with isn’t shingles or tiles. Even in newer homes, many issues stem from a lesser-known problem: poor attic ventilation. Improperly installed attic ventilation fails to take care of heat and moisture, the two most important factors involved in home comfort.

Moisture from household activities such as running laundry, showering and washing dishes ends up collecting in your attic without proper ventilation. Trapped moisture and heat lead to the following problems:

1: Roof Life Expectancy

Excessive heat and moisture can wreak havoc on your roofing system.  Without ventilation, heat is unable to dissipate efficiently from your attic, shortening the life of the underlayment and shingles by causes roof decking to dry-rot and shortens the life of underlayment and shingles by “baking” them from underneath.

2: Insulation Preservation

Improperly ventilated attics will form condensation, which then clings to the underside of the roof. The water can soak into the attic insulation, effectively reducing its insulating efficiency.

3: Prevent Mold, Mildew, & Rust

A humid attic is the perfect environment for the formation of mold, mildew and rust. Mold and mildew can ruin items stored in the attic and cause respiratory problems for your home’s occupants, while rust eats away at metal components, such as nails and venting.

4: Reduced Energy Costs

Heat radiating from a 140- to 160-degree attic forces your air conditioner to run overtime as it struggles to cool the interior spaces. A properly ventilated attic enables the heat from the roofing system and home interior to escape, reducing the “greenhouse” effect – and your energy bills.

Extend the life of your roof and save on energy bills with proper attic ventilation. If you suspect your ventilation system may be underperforming, contact A-1 Property Services  for a FREE estimate from one of the top roofing companies in Miami.

Is your attic properly ventilated?

Originally published: July 4, 2012.
Information updated: June 11, 2015.