4 Tips to Help Homeowners Avoid Roofing Scams in the Miami Area

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Most roofing contractors in our area are honest, hard-working professionals who do their best to provide quality services for their customers. However, there are always scammers out there who are willing to take advantage of homeowners in need just to make a buck. These fly-by-night roofing contractors pop up in the news regularly due to their high-pressure sales tactics, poor workmanship and use of sub-par materials. Recently, a Texas homeowner made the news by reporting a scam that left her without any savings.

Learn to Invest Wisely in Roofing Contractors

Our team at A-1 Property Services came up with a few tips to help homeowners in our area to avoid the frustration and financial worry of a roofing scam.

1. Always research the business through reputable sources

Find out how long the contractor has been in business (a minimum of three years of experience is recommended). Does he have a business address, or does he only work out of a truck? A contractor without a physical address could be a red flag. Investigate the business’s rating with the Better Business Bureau – if the Texas woman had known about this tip, she would have immediately realized that she was dealing with a disreputable company.

2. Verify licensing and registration

Ask the contractor for information on his insurance coverage and licensing.  In the event of property damage or physical injury to one of the workers, proper liability insurance protects your own assets.

3. Call references

Ask the contractor for at least three references for similar projects, and take the time to call each one to learn about their experience. You may also want to visit the homes to see the completed work. A trusted company will be pleased to show off examples of their workmanship.

4. Get a written contract.

Never make verbal agreements with a contractor without getting the details in writing. Without a contract in writing, any unforeseen problems become a nightmare to resolve.

When in Doubt – Go With Trusted Companies

Most importantly, listen to your instincts when it comes to business dealings involving your home. At A-1 Property Services, we provide the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you’re purchasing your roof from a trustworthy, reliable roofing company with a successful track record of customer satisfaction. Since 2006, we’ve been one of the most successful and sought after roofing companies in Miami for homeowners and businesses.

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