5 Mistakes Homeowners Make During Roof Repair Projects

roof repair mistakes

Unfortunately, mistakes are commonplace in home improvement projects.  Whether you intend to replace a single shingle or an entire roof, it is important to take the time to do the project right the first time.  For homeowners, this means making an informed decision about tear offs, ventilation, and other roofing accessories. 

1. Improper Flashing Installation

Don’t fall for the cheap shortcut trap. Ignoring the roof accessories in an attempt to cut costs usually results in a roof that requires frequent, ongoing repairs.  Take your roofer’s advice: it’s a good investment.

2. Trendy Colors

Trending color schemes are fun to play around with, but the reality is that your roof will probably outlast them. Pick a roof color that complements the architectural style and current tones of your home.

3. Project Avoidance

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a homeowner is to avoid fixing the roof altogether. Ultimately, you will save plenty of money by performing shingle roof repair right away rather than allowing them to stew and worsen, becoming serious leaks or creating rotten wood.

4. Failure to Vent the Roof

Homeowners often don’t realize that proper attic ventilation enables the house to breathe. Failing to install proper attic ventilation can lead to a deteriorating roof and energy inefficiency. Ventilation is essential to a healthy roof and a happy home.

5. Skipping the Warranty

If your roof is currently covered under a warranty, do some research before scheduling the repairs.  Some warranties will cover the cost of repairs, others might cover the cost of materials. Consult with a trusted, local contractor to find out what your warranty covers.

Be Safe – Hire Local


Carefully selecting the right roofing contractor will help to eliminate the risk of mistakes on your next roof repair projects.  To learn more about the many options and products available to homeowners in the Miami region, contact our team at A-1 Property Services.