A Look at Some Durable Materials for Fort Lauderdale Roofing Systems

Many commercial property owners prefer low-slope roofs because of the advantages they offer. One, there are lesser costs involved in the construction or installation of low-slope roofs because workers don’t have to build an angled framework or lift heavy roof trusses. Two, there is better insulation because there is lesser space between the building’s roofing system and ceiling.

us roofing marketDespite these benefits, some commercial property owners can’t help but worry about their roofs when it rains. In Fort Lauderdale, this matter is of special concern since the city received record rainfall last July 2013, prompting the Sun Sentinel to liken it to Seattle. Unlike steeply pitched roofs where rainwater can easily slide down to the gutters and drains, the design of low-slope Fort Lauderdale commercial roofing makes it likely for rainwater to settle on its surface.

Fortunately, commercial property owners may not need to worry much about heavy rainfall. As long as these cost-effective Fort Lauderdale roofing systems are installed with durable materials, they can expect optimum performance out of them.

Among other roofing materials, thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) membranes will see above-average growth through 2017. This material, which is installed mainly on nonresidential low-slope roofs, will see increasing use because of its low cost and ease of installation. Moreover, TPOs are usually white-colored membranes that reflect sunlight, promoting energy savings by reducing consumption.

It was a slow road to growth for TPO roofing systems, as Richard L. Fricklas pointed out in an article for Buildings.com. This material was actually available since the 1980s, but the dominant player in the market until the 1990s were the bituminous multiple-ply systems, a type of commercial roofing system that involves the use of hot asphalt as adhesive. These roofing systems offer the same advantages as TPO, but only a few roofers now are skilled and trained enough to work with hot asphalt like A1 Property Services, which also serves Miami, Weston, and other areas.

Fort Lauderdale is dubbed as the Venice of America, and low-slope roofs here can transform into Venice too if substandard roofing materials are used. Thankfully, commercial property owners can turn to reputable roofers that know which durable materials to use for the roofing system to perform to its optimum level.

(From US Roofing Market, Sacramento Bee, Published 23 September 2013)