How to Handle a Tree Falling on your Roof

Storm DamageHaving a tree fall on your roof is never a good thing. Even when there isn’t much in the way of obvious damage, there can still be after effects that can show up months, or even years, down the line. For the most part, a roof must be professionally repaired by a Miami roofing company if there is any damage at all. DIY roofing is usually not a good idea for anyone who doesn’t have previous roofing experience.

Questions a Homeowner Should Ask First 

Miami does experience the occasional hurricane, but even regular high winds can cause an old tree to fall. This should lead to you asking yourself a few questions, such as:

  • Should I try to remove the tree myself?
  • Is it safe to go on the roof?
  • Are there any power lines affected by the tree fall?
  • When does a Miami roofing company need to be called?

If there are only a few branches, and not much structural damage, you may opt to remove the tree debris yourself. For anything more than that, and especially for an entire tree, you really should leave it up to the professionals.

Roof Safety Guidelines

Being safe on your roof always requires a lot of vigilance, but this is doubly so for times when a tree falls on it.

    • Walking on the Roof: Roofs that have been punctured should never be walked on by the homeowner or anyone other than a professional from a tree removal service, or a Miami roofing company. Generally though, if there isn’t any damage visible from the ground, you can probably at least get up on a ladder for a closer look.
    • Power Lines: Most residential neighborhoods in Miami still have power lines running above homes.  If a tree falls and it has in any way contacted a power line, especially if it brought one down, stay away from it! The power company needs to be notified in order to make sure that the line is not hot before the roof repair process can be begin.


Protecting and Fixing Your Home

First call your insurance company, then contact a tree removal service and a roofing company.If your home is unlivable because of the tree, a Miami roofing company like A-1 Property Services can work quickly in order to at least seal the hole from the elements and protect your valuables inside. We can then make arrangements to do any needed repairs in order to get your family moved back into your home.

A-1 is very experienced in emergency roof repair. When your roof suffers damage from a fallen tree, whether major or minor, contact A-1 Property Services for prompt professional repair service.

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