Checking Your Roof After Spring Storms


The Miami area has had some severe storms this spring already, and the end results could mean damage to your home, but especially damage to your roof. Strong winds can rip up shingles or tiles, peel off flat roofing, and if the wind is strong enough, it could make your metal roof crumble. One thing is for sure, severe weather can be very harmful to your home.

Wind Damage

Storms are harsh and unforgiving, and the damage they inflict on your Miami roof can sometimes be massive. High speed winds can break tiles and lift and curl shingles, leaving them vulnerable to other forces of nature during the season. Other hidden damages from storms can sometimes arise later on, as the signs of damage are not always obvious.

Examine Your Roof Yourself

Walk around the perimeter of your yard while looking closely at your roof from the ground. Look for fallen debris, things such as tiles or shingles or other roofing materials for your roof. Check to see if your roof is sagging, if there are any obviously missing tiles or shingles, or if your gutters have become separated from your home due to strong winds.

Inspection from a Roof Contractor

Having your Miami roofing contractor perform a professional inspection on your roof is the safest and most efficient way to deal with your damaged roof. A professional roof inspection after a storm is essential in the repair of your roof, especially when working with your insurance company. After the inspection has been completed, your contractor will review their findings and discuss the repair process with you.

Long Lasting Protection

Repairing your roof after storms, or right after you find that it has been damaged is crucial to the life of your home. If the issues are not fixed immediately and another storm hits, you may need to replace your roof completely, instead of just repairing minor troubles in the beginning. Scheduling regular inspections with your contractor is necessary in the longevity of your roof.

Call A-1 Property Services to have your roof inspection scheduled for the spring season.

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