What to Look for When Choosing a Fence

There are many reasons homeowners in the Miami area consider putting up a fence around their home and property. Of course security is a top priority, but other considerations are privacy, home equity, securing pets, sound control, and curb appeal.

Before jumping into this kind of home improvement project, there are a few important things to check on.

  • First, know how your city’s building code will affect you.
  • If you have a homeowners association, be sure you know their rules regarding fences and get their permission.
  • Finally, just as you would when selecting dependable roofers, be certain to properly vet and select your fencing contractor.


Types of Residential Fences

There are many excellent fence choices appropriate for Miami properties. Here are a few to consider:

  • Wood picket fences are arguably the most popular type. This is largely due to the reasonable installation price, low maintenance, the degree of privacy they offer, and the many styles available. The most common materials used are pressure-treated lumber and cedar, both of which could warp over time in the hot and humid Miami environment.
  • Chain link fences are not as attractive as wooden ones and offer less privacy. They are very practical though, both for keeping pets in the yard and for security. For additional privacy and seclusion, privacy slats can be inserted.  These slats can come in different colors and styles.
  • A vinyl fence is a good choice when your main objectives are reasonable pricing, attractiveness, and low maintenance. Many styles are available offering privacy or semi-privacy. They are commonly manufactured in heights from 3 to 8 feet tall and come in many colors to match or complement the trim on your home. If nicked or scratched, the damage is not visible since the color goes all the way through.
  • Brick and stone are better described as walls rather than fences, but the objective is the same. Construction costs tend to be high, but the payoff is privacy, low maintenance, sound control from traffic, and security although it is always possible to “scale the fence.”
  • Hedges or rose bushes are also not technically fences but can be used to mark property lines. These living walls will add beauty to your yard, but you will need to make sure you maintain them and don’t let them grow over onto a neighbor’s property.
bigstock-Pastel-Homes-5491881_croppedOnce you have decided on your fence, consider decorating it with decorative posts or adding flowers or bushes in front of it to add to its curb appeal and to create an entrance that says “welcome”.

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