Choosing Beautiful Clay Roof Tiles for Your Home

A-1-tile-roofingIf you are considering a new roof for your Miami home, then clay roof tiles from A-1 Property Services, Inc. may be just what you are looking for. There are a number of advantages to going with this type of material over other types, and the aesthetics of clay is just one of those reasons.


What Are Clay Tiles?

  • Clay roof tiles are clay that has been shaped into tiles, fired, and then stacked in an interlocking or overlapping fashion. They are sometimes painted or dyed, but are also often left in their natural color.


Beautiful Tile Colors

  • Clay tiles come in so many different colors that it can be a quite a task to pick the perfect one for your home. You can choose the natural colors of the clay, in either glazed or matte finishes; but, even with natural colors, there are quite a few to choose from.
  • If you are looking to match a specific decor, then you might be interested in many of the artificial colors that are offered instead. There are quite a few available to choose from. For example, not counting the blends, manufacturer Santa Fe Tile has over 50 different colors available including styles like Rustica, Fusion and Verde.


Clay Tile Shapes

  • Clay tiles also come in a variety of shapes that you can choose from. Depending upon the manufacturer, you can choose standards like Spanish, Royal and Flat designs, or you can get a custom shape that will fit your home perfectly. A-1 Property Services works with a number of manufacturers which is the best way to have great choices available to our Miami customers.


Are Clay Roof Tiles Strong?

  • Clay tiles are some of the strongest types of roof materials out there, being heat resistant, and extremely heavy to keep out the weather. Clay tiles will often last longer than other types of materials. For example, clay tiles have been known to last over a century while concrete tiles will usually last about 50 or more years.


Clay Roof Tile Manufacturers

  • At A-1 Property Services, we work with clay tiles from several different companies. These companies include Santa Fe roof tiles which gets their high-quality clay from Columbia, Altusa roof tile which manufactures clay tiles worldwide, and Ludowici tiles which are are backed by the industries most comprehensive warranty program.

If you are considering roofing your Miami home in beautiful clay or concrete tile, contact A-1 Roofing Services, Inc. for a free estimate.

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