The “Green” Benefits of Metal Roofing in Miami

BLOG - A1 Energy Efficient Metal Roofing - September 2015

More and more Americans are becoming conscious of the impact their lifestyle has on the environment. This even includes the type of roofing materials we choose.  

Long Lasting Roofs Provide Green Benefits

In fact, from a roofing perspective, an increasing number of home and business owners are investing in metal roofing as a “green” alternative to more traditional roofing materials such as asphalt shingles and tile. Why? Because an estimated one-third of materials discarded in landfills every year are construction-related.

Compelling Reasons to Go Green

There are a number of compelling reasons to examine the various materials available for homeowners wishing to pursue a more energy efficient lifestyle.  Metal roofing, for example, stands out as a superior choice – which is why this green roof segment of the market is seeing increasing growth every year.

Long life. Metal roofing may last 50 years or more, a lifespan double that of many types of asphalt shingles.

Easy Maintenance. Along with an extended lifespan, a well-installed metal roof requires little maintenance in normal circumstances to keep it looking its best.

Wind-proof. For Florida homeowners, a roof that withstands hurricane-force winds is an incredible asset.  Metal roofing is designed to hold together in the worst storms.

Recycle-ability. Metal roofing materials are virtually 100% recyclable, making them a wise choice from an environmental standpoint. Not all contractors are currently connected with the resources to recycle the roofing.  Be prepared to do a little research on your own part to help out with recycling a metal roof, when its service life is over.

“Cool” properties. Today most metal roofing systems are coated with special finishes that reflect sunlight and reduce the demand for air conditioning by as much as 20%.

Cleaner air. Metal roofing reduces the amount of electricity consumed by homes and businesses, which in turn requires less burning of fossil fuels to generate electricity, resulting in cleaner air and a smaller environmental impact.

Consider Metal for Your Next Roof

With a large variety of benefits and a reasonable long-term investment price tag, take the time to consider a metal roof for your next home investment.  Our team at A-1 Property Services is happy to provide you with a free estimate to get you started on the right foot.

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