What Kind of Curves Does Your Roof Have?

Durable, stylish, and colorful – tile is the most popular roofing material in the world. A beautifully curved and exotic appearance, a tile roof is a distinctive and striking part of many homes in Miami.  A1 Property Services offers two types of roofing tiles: concrete and tile. From classic Spanish and Barrel Mission style tiles to flat tiles, the options available to area homeowners is nearly unlimited. 

tile roofingThe Curves

Concrete and Clay: Both are available in three general profiles: mission S-tiles, low-profile villa tiles, and flat tiles.

Pantiles – The rounded or convex tiles associated with historic roofing tiles. Sometimes called Spanish S-shape or Barrel Mission tiles, pantiles might be straight or tapered and even have Roman and Greek style variations.
Villa Tiles – These tiles feature a low-barrel profile that recalls a very Mediterranean style.
Flat Tiles – Like rounded pantiles, flat tiles also come in a variety of shapes. They may feature a fully flat appearance, or they might overlap with one another. Just like the pantiles, this tile roofing offers superior ventilation and is also aesthetically pleasing for a variety of architectural themes.

The Cost

Concrete: This roof runs approximately 35-50% less than clay tiles, averaging $400-950 per 100 sq. ft.
Clay: These tiles run roughly $700 – 3,000 per 100 sq. ft.

Enjoy a Long-Lasting Roof

Concrete Average: 30-50 years
Clay Average: 100+ years.

One of the best features of a tile roof is the low maintenance requirement, as well as the expected lifespan. Clay tiles are durable and in fact greatly exceed the short 15- to 20-year lifespan of an asphalt shingle roof by many decades. In fact, warranties for tile roofing often reach 50 years because manufacturers expect the tiles to last. Cold climates can cause clay tiles to become brittle – fortunately, this does not apply to Miami home.

An Environmentally Friendly Roof

Clay and Concrete tile roofing both reflect the bright Miami sun.  This means you will not need to use as much energy to keep a comfortable, cool temperature in your home. They are also non-toxic to the environment and are made from materials that come naturally from the earth. In fact, old tiles can even be recycled to create a beautiful new roof or other products made of clay.

Humans were using clay tile roofing as early as 10,000 BC – from its benefits, it is no wonder that this versatile type of roofing has enjoyed sustained popularity for millennia. With care, the clay tile roof – or its more affordable concrete cousin – will continue to protect your home for years to come.

Contact A-1 Property Services to learn about having a beautiful tile roof installed on your Miami home – or for information on how to keep your roof properly maintained.

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