Cut Your Roof’s Life in Half By Trying to Save It

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If your roof seems to be leaking or requires maintenance, hire professional roofers in Fort Lauderdale or your community. There a few reasons why trying to fix your roof yourself could actually shorten the lifespan of your roofing system and damage your home:

1) Potential Injury

Each year, thousands of homeowners fall while trying to climb a ladder to clean their gutters or repair their roofs. Unfortunately, as you fall, you are likely to grab hold of anything to try to break your fall. This can cause severe damage to your roof, not to mention expensive hospital bills for you.

2) Trying to repair a roof can cause leaks.

Experienced roofers in Fort Lauderdale know how to work on a roof surface without damaging the tiles, shingles, roof structure, or roof deck. Tile roofing is especially prone to crack with foot traffic. They also know how to seal the areas around flashing securely. Without this know-how, a repair project can add to the damage on the roof. In the worst-case scenario, you might not even notice the problem until you are faced with tens of thousands of dollars in mold damage and roof repairs.

3) Repairing your roof yourself will void the warranty.

Roof warranties include fine print that invalidates the warranty if an unqualified person tries to fix the roof. Even if you find manufacturing defects or other problems that were not your fault, many manufacturers will insist on documentation from a licensed roofing professional.

4) You may not know what you are looking for

Roof problems are not easy to diagnose. You may think a leak is caused by a loose shingle when in fact it is a problem with the flashing. Qualified roofers in Fort Lauderdale have the expertise to get to the bottom of your roofing problems and fix them correctly before they jeopardize your home.

Rather than cutting your roof’s life in half by making a valiant effort to Instead of taking the expensive route, contact us at A-1 Property Services for a consultation. We have been protecting Ft. Lauderdale homeowners for many years.

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