Do You Have a Leaky Roof?

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Have a Leaky Roof? Get Fast, Reliable Service at an Affordable Price

A leaky roof is so much more than just a minor inconvenience. Without prompt and proper repairs that leaky roof could soon turn your home into a moldy, smelly and expensive mess. It is extremely to stop the leak and repair your roof quickly so that water damage and expenses are kept at a minimum.

When you are facing a roofing emergency and you need immediate roofing service – it is important to know who you can trust.  Finding a reputable team of dedicated professionals to respond to your need without delay can turn a disaster into a minor inconvenience.

Storm Damage Repairs

Florida storms and hurricanes are some of the most common causes of roof damage.  Unfortunately, it is impossible to predict when a major storm might blow in and cause significant harm to your roof. When minor or major roof damage occurs, A1 Property Services will be there in no time to offer the following services:

  • Prompt repairs to quickly stop damage during a storm
  • Roof sealing to minimize further damage
  • Follow-up services once the storm has passed
  • Recommendations for more permanent repairs or entire roof replacement as needed
  • Communication with your insurance company to help you file your claim

Remember that even the tiniest roof leak needs immediate roofing service, so be sure to contact your trusted local roofing contractors at the first sign of roof damage.

Call us for Your Free Estimate!

As a courtesy to our clients, we offer a FREE, no-obligation roofing estimate.  We will survey your roofing system and talk with you about the course of action(s) that is available to you.

To find out more about the roof repair services that we offer, contact our team at A-1 Property Services.

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