Do You Know Your Shingle Warranty’s Coverage?

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Your Miami home is one of your most valuable assets, and a new roof is a large investment. When making large expenditure like a new roof, it pays to know what you are getting, and how it is protected. 

Two Types of Shingle Warranties

An important aid in protecting your roof is the warranty that covers it.  In fact, there are two main types of shingle warranties: manufacturer and workmanship. Each offers a unique form of coverage, protecting the investment you made with your roof.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

The typical shingle warranty covers roofing materials and/or other parts of the system. They range from 5, 10, or 15 years up to 25 and 50 years. Time limits on coverage may vary for different parts of the system. They can also range from full coverage where you do not pay a penny, or partial coverage for parts you may need to buy. Each company will have variations in its warranty, so it is important to investigate the brand you choose.

Each brand will also have different limitations and conditions on their coverage. The last thing anyone wants is to need a major repair that would otherwise be covered, and find out that they have done something to void their warranty.

Workmanship Warranty

While a manufacturers shingle warranty will cover defects in materials alone, a workmanship warranty will cover all or part of the cost of re-installation or repair. Although workmanship warranties were historically offered only by the contractor, some manufacturers are now offering a limited version of this coverage on their warranties. The shingle warranties offered by GAF, for example, include some form of workmanship coverage, ranging from 2 – 20 years.  Many contractors make the effort to become certified, licensed installers of high-quality GAF products so that they can help you get the best coverage possible.

Your Role

Understanding who pays for what and what the limitations are in case of a problem can save you a lot of money in the future. Taking care of your new roof and following instructions is important to maintain your coverage. For example, in some cases, simply having installation errors or carelessness can void a material warranty, as can incorrect maintenance and improper or no ventilation.

If you are re-roofing before selling your home in Miami, or may sell in the future, be sure to ask whether your warranty is transferable. Check how many times, and how transferring affects the coverage.

It is therefore important to read your whole warranty and ask any questions you have. Inform yourself carefully and you are sure to get what you wanted.

For more information on how our team at A1 Property Services help ensure that your warranty is the best available, contact us today! We have been servicing the roofing needs of Miami residents for many years.

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