Farming on Your Roof

Your low-slope or flat commercial roof may be an ideal place for an unconventional garden or farm—a “green” roof in the literal sense. With the right roofing materials and roof sealant, you can transform the energy-inefficient roof of your commercial or industrial building into a lush, energy-saving paradise, even in the heart of Miami. If you happen to have a residential flat roof, you can use roof space to grow flowers, small trees or even fresh garden vegetables to supplement your family’s dinner table.

The Secret is Preparation

By contacting a reliable, local roofer such as A1 Property Services with your plans, you can be sure to get a thorough inspection and estimate to make your roof ready to stop being a heat island and start being a fruit and vegetable oasis. Your roofer can recommend the right treatment:

In addition, a complete inspection may show where you need to increase structural support to bear the additional weight of soil, containers and water to transform your dull, energy-draining roof into a productive part of your infrastructure.


Ideally the low-slope or flat roof will offer no way for water, roots or pests to migrate from rooftop gardens or “farmland” into your building. This means complete waterproofing, which could include any of these options:

  • Hot Rubberized Asphalt Waterproofing
  • Cold Applied Polyurethane Reinforced Waterproofing
  • Torch Applied waterproofing
  • Cold Applied Rubberized Waterproofing—both non-reinforced and reinforced
  • Single Ply Roofing

Each of these choices has pros and cons, from square-footage costs to installation challenges. Only by consulting with your roofer, such as A1 Property Services, can you and your roofer get a realistic idea of your best option.

Start Small

A good way to venture into rooftop gardening or green roofing is by beginning with one small area of your building’s roof. Depending on your Miami property, you may not be able to convert the entire space over to growing plants and food, anyway. You cannot afford to relocate HVAC systems, satellite dishes and the like to accommodate a fruit tree; you will still get some financial rewards—and a lot of favorable publicity—by trying container gardens in one small area.

A1 Property Services can help you by consulting on your green roof, recommending adequate roof sealant, ensuring code compliance, and preparing your building’s roof for the tropical paradise you envision. Contact A1 Property Services today.

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