Fiberglass Shingles Make For Stylish Durable Roofing in Hollywood, FL

Ever since its introduction into construction in the 1930s, fiberglass has proven itself not just as a sturdy material capable of absorbing many of the things that the weather can hurl at it, but also an artistic one that comes in a variety of designs and styles. Did you know that your home’s roof, too, can benefit from a sturdy fiberglass roof?

If you want anyone who happens to gaze upon your beachfront home to be in awe, you should invest in nothing but durable and aesthetically valued materials. This is most important for your roof, since it makes up a big part of how your home looks, not to mention that it takes the bulk of the weather’s effects. Here are some of the benefits of fiberglass roofing in Hollywood, FL.


According to an article by, fiberglass shingles are very lightweight, much less than ceramic or slate roof tiles. This means that you don’t necessarily have to shell out a lot to have your roof adjusted to materials weighing in at about 800 to 1,000 pounds per square. With around 350 pounds per square, fiberglass roofing is the more sensible choice.

Moreover, fiberglass shingles also have the advantage of mimicking almost any other type of roofing material; wooden, tile or slate roofs for instance. When you use this, you will end up with a sturdy and lightweight roof that has all the aesthetics of the material without its most glaring disadvantages.

You will also find that fiberglass shingles are very easy to install, hence trusted roofers in Florida, like A-1 Property Services won’t have a difficult time setting your roof up for you (a prospect that could potentially lower your labor expenses). Fiberglass roof repair by Hollywood, FL contractors are also much easier, thanks to the material’s lightweight property.

Function and appearance are the yin and yang of roofing choice, and contrary to what many people might believe, the two don’t always have to clash. There are many roof materials just like fiberglass through which you can balance out the two forces. This way, you don’t have to sacrifice a well-working roof to get a great-looking one.