Find A Reliable Miami Roofer Before the Storm

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Your Reliable Miami Roofer

When is the best time to find a contractor you can trust with Miami roofing repair and other important home improvements? Before you need one! If possible, avoid making a decision about which Miami roofing company to use when you roof is leaking buckets or when you have a serious emergency.

In the aftermath of a major weather event, such as a hailstorm or hurricane, many unscrupulous workers descend upon our area. Following Hurricane Andrew, the Miami-Dade Office of the State Attorney reports that law enforcement agencies received hundreds of complaints from “disaster victims who were duped by unscrupulous home repairmen making promises they didn’t keep.” In addition, more than 135,000 residential homes in Miami-Dade County were damaged, making finding a good contractor even more difficult due to the sheer volume of repairs.

At A-1 Property Services, we believe every homeowner should feel comfortable with the contractor working on their home. Plan ahead to avoid becoming the victim of a company that is only there immediately after a storm! Call A-1 for a detailed 10-point inspection of your home. In addition to pinpointing current roofing issues, an inspection is beneficial because when you need an insurance settlement to replace or repair a roof after a storm, you will have better success if you have documented proof that the roof was in good shape previously.

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