7 Ways to Freshen Up Your Miami Home

As the “go-to” residential roofing company in the Miami area, at A-1 Property Services we see a lot of families struggling to cope with overwhelming remodeling projects. Often, in addition to hiring our firm to provide new residential roofing, these homeowners are also converting kitchens, adding decks, or taking out whole walls to add on rooms. All these changes add value to a home, but sometimes smaller changes can make big differences.


Large_House_GrandCanyon_StoneWood_1_2Four big changes to the outside of your house can provide a face lift without demolishing your home or emptying your bank account:

  • Power-Washing Your Home’s Exterior—Do it yourself or hire a professional to thoroughly clean your home using an oxygenated cleaner. If your Miami home is single-story, you can handle this. If you have a two-story home, consider hiring professionals with the right equipment.
  • Rejuvenating Your Entryway—Investing in either a new front door or giving it a complete paint makeover will noticeably brighten your home. Repaint the trim around the door; consider bold accent colors that make your home stand out and look brand new. Add a shiny brass kickplate and new brass hardware. Set the new door off with two large potted plants on either side.
  • Landscape Inexpensively—Consider balancing plants with large rocks (xeriscaping) for dramatic effect. Colorful annuals are inexpensive, as is the mulch needed to make them stand out. Plant vertically and horizontally—tall grasses balance ground-hugging plants. Edge your new plantings with weathered brick.
  • Repaint your trim—A mere two gallons of high-quality, exterior paint can transform your Miami home. Paint all the wood trim in a standout color compared to the color of your shingles or roof tiles. Residential roofing is often neutral, giving you plenty of room for creativity.



Two top interior ideas that stretch remodeling dollars:

  • Accordion Folding Glass Doors or Windows—between dining room and deck will meld the two spaces for entertaining, and open up your home.
  • Convert Space Beneath Stairs—Depending on your carpentry skills, you can create unique storage, provide a special retreat for the family dog, add a tucked in reading nook for your children, or transform the space into a miniature museum to display your collections.

On Top

To really add pizzazz, with the money you have saved on the other improvement projects consider having A-1 Property Services inspect and repair your roof  or do a full replacement as a great way to increase curb appeal and freshen up the look of your Miami home.

Contact A-1 Property Services to schedule an inspection of your roof today.

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