Sustainable Green Roofing Using American Made Roofing Tiles

There are two themes that continue to resonate in our world of late. Consumers are aware of and are actually searching for products that are:

  1. green
  2. sustainable

These are definitely the ways of the future. In the roofing industry, the future is upon us and leading roofing companies are taking action on those categories and are beginning to install green roofing tiles that fit the broad description of that category.

Boral Roofing

SONY DSCBoral Roofing is an American company that is devoting much of their production to a green, sustainable roofing material.  A-1 Property Services of Miami is moving ahead by using those sustainable roofing tiles, manufactured in the USA, by Boral Roofing, a Roswell, GA, company.  The roofing tiles are a clay tile made of natural products that use almost 60% recycled material which can be further recycled at the end of the roof’s life.

Boral clay roof tiles have a broad aesthetic appeal and are available in a vast number of colors and styles that are durable as well as beautiful. The great appeal of the product lies in its surprisingly affordable cost for roofing companies to install.

Cradle-to-Cradle Certification

Boral Tiles proudly carries with them the Cradle-to-Cradle certification, an award reserved for certain products that are truly sustainable. This certification guarantees the sustainability of the tiles and makes note of the company’s commitment to continue manufacturing domestically produced products that will be available to consumers in the future. Architects and roofing companies are able to benefit from LEED credits that Boral Tile offers.

A-1 Property Services is pleased to be involved with and use Boral Tile in many of our roofing installations. We will continue to promote the product. We are satisfied with its performance in the field and feel strongly about the product’s aesthetic appeal, as well as its durability. It has great features like its ability to resist fires and its ability to provide valuable insulation.

A-1 Property Services is a leader among Miami roofing companies that are proud to do their part to promote a green America. To learn more about green, sustainable tile from Boral Roofing, contact A-1 Property Services.

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