5 Great Home Maintenance Secrets

As one of Miami’s top roofing company, our contractors at A-1 Property Services know how much of an impact good home maintenance can have on the overall value, integrity and appeal of local properties.  Small efforts can go a long way towards protecting these investments.  That’s why we’re sharing these 5 easy maintenance secrets for your home!

6 Maintenance Secrets from Miami roofers

5 Major Maintenance Secrets

1. No Paint Needed!

Scrape and repaint any chipped or pealing areas on your metal siding.  You don’t have to paint your entire home at once in order to keep it looking new.  More importantly, these small fixes will extend the lifetime of the remaining coat.

2. Gutter Problem = Solved

If keeping your gutters clean throughout the year is a major hassle, have over-sized gutters and downspouts installed.  These larger structures will accommodate greater run-off and debris and will limit the likelihood of build-ups.  Standard gutters should be cleaned at least twice per year.

3. Roofing First Responders

Have licensed roofers check your roof flashing for punctures and to see whether the sealant is cracked and dry.  This is best done before the rainy season hits – or at least once per year.

4. Attic Endeavors

Take a trip into your attic to check for signs of leaks at least twice per year.  Look for streaks and stains in all unfinished areas.  Catching these problems early on will minimize damages.

6.  Allergen Control

Use a vacuum to remove dust and other debris from your air supply and return registers.  In humid areas, allergens can collect in these spaces fast.

Bonus: 5 Mini Maintenance Secrets For Your Home

1.  Fix your slow draining sink with cola.  Cola is corrosive enough to eat through the acid on a car battery and it can also clear tough clogs in areas that are prone to collecting hair and soap scum.  It will also do less damage to your pipes than store-bought drain cleaners.

2.  Use baking soda and vinegar to freshen and clear your kitchen drains.

3.  Check your HVAC filter once per month and change it as needed.

4.  Power wash your vinyl siding to prevent mold growth and discoloration.

5.  Run your dishwasher while empty and add a full cup of bleach to keep this appliance smelling fresh. (Bleach is routinely used for commercial kitchen disinfectant, and will not pose a hazard when it is rinsed properly.)

Our roofers at A-1 Property services are always happy to help homeowners with the care and maintenance of their home.

Contact us with any questions – we are ready to help you with your next home improvement project!

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