Homeowner’s Roof Maintenance Checklist

Roofing_ChecklistKeeping your Miami roof in top performance is vital to preventing unwanted damages from developing to the structure of your home and its foundation. A brief inspection completed at least once a year will head off a number of different problems for you and your family. Many people are unsure of what a roof inspection, and the resulting maintenance, entails. To get you on your way, a roof maintenance checklist is the easiest way to address the top points:


    • Begin by inspecting around the house. During this process you are looking for areas that show signs of water damage, locations that show buckling, leaking, rust, and caulking that is dry and cracked. This is best done from the ground with a pair of binoculars.
    • Make your way onto a ladder to look closely at the gutters. Remove any debris found within the gutters to aid in water flow. You will also want to take this opportunity to look closely at the gutters themselves, looking for any areas that are cracked, rusted, not smooth, or otherwise in need of attention. Take note that if you find large quantities of shingle sand in the gutters it is a bad sign because this sand helps to protect the shingles from the weather elements.
    • Once on top of the roof, there are myriad features and elements to look at. Take note of any spots which show wear or damage from weather; these locations have the potential of creating openings for water to seep below and cause underlying damage. Typical areas are: shingles and tiles, chimney, pipes, vents, air conditioning units, and any other areas where flashing is used.
    • Look for areas which show water pooling.
    • Check-off on your list each item that you have done and make detailed notes of any areas of concern.


Shingles and Tiles

    • Special considerations when looking at your roof include removal of moss, branches, needles, leaves, toys, papers, and any other form of debris that you come across. You will need to be mindful of cracks, tears, wear, and blistering.



    • While many people do not associate the ventilation and insulation of the roof with a roof inspection, it is, nevertheless, quite important. These features help to maintain the integrity and function of the roof and its underlying features.


This checklist is convenient for yearly assessments and to keep on file in case you ever need to make an insurance claim in the future. If you are uncertain of any item on the roof maintenance checklist or unable to complete the whole checklist yourself, contact A-1 Property Services. Contact us, also, for any repairs that may be necessary.

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