Interested in Lowering Your Insurance?

residential roofing and insuranceHaving well maintained residential roofing can lower your home insurance allowing you to make a savings. Insurance companies consider roof damage a huge risk factor and are willing to offer substantial discounts if the roof is reliable.

The Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety reports that roof damages account for between 85% and 95% of wind-related losses annually. A roof that is severely damaged by storm may cost the insurance company in excess of $8,000 in replacement. With homeowners insurance premiums averaging $800 a year, this can be big loss on the part of the insurer.

The Quality of Your Residential Roofing

Most residential roofing systems are designed to last between 20 and 25 years. However, there are stronger roofing materials such as tile, metal, and slate, that are capable of lasting twice as long.

Such materials offer better resistance to wind and debris as well as fire. For these reasons, you are likely to get a discount on your premiums if your home is protected by one of them – although not every home can support the additional weight of tile or slate. In Miami, most insurance companies are offering discounts of between 8% and 15% for new homes if the roof is proven to be durable.

Proper maintenance, lower premiums

Discounts are also available for well maintained residential roofing, no matter the materials used. Try the following tips:

  • Get regular inspections – contract a roofing company to inspect the roof every one to three years.
  • Keep the roof clean – whether it is moss or twigs and branches that fall on the roof from time to time, have them removed.
  • Repair noticeable damages promptly – if the edges of the roof are curling up or your roof starts to leak, call a professional to have them assessed.

Are the discounts worth it?

Good question! A number of insurance companies in Miami are willing to offer up to 30% discounts on Genuine Slate GAF Roofing. Combine this with potential discounts such as 15-20% discounts offered for installing a security alarm, central burglar alarm, and an indoor sprinkler system – the potential savings could be as much as 50% on your homeowners insurance!


Next time you replace your roof, speak with you insurance agency on what roofing materials qualify for what discounts and prep work needed to get bigger discounts.

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