How to Choose a Roof Warranty that Works For You

How to Choose a Roof Warranty That Works For You

One of the best things you can do to protect your home from a worst case scenario is by putting a warranty on your roof right away. The best way to choose a warranty will be to talk over the pros and cons with your trusted, local contractor. But, it is still important to understand and research on your own the different kinds of warranties that are available, the things that they cover and won’t cover, and how they can be voided.

Manufacturer’s Materials Warranty

This warranty is common because it is free of additional charge. However, it only comes into play if the problem concerns defective products made by the manufacturer.

How long is this warranty covered?

Architectural shingles are usually classified under a lifetime warranty.
The most common type of shingle, or the 3-Tab Shingle, will be covered for anywhere between 20 and 30 years.
There are many different types of manufacturer warranties for many different products, and not only shingles. So, ask your roofing contractor which manufacturer’s materials warranty will cover your situation the best.

Contractor Workmanship Warranties

A roofing contractor warranty usually states the obligations of the contracting team, and if some of the responsibilities aren’t fulfilled, the contracting team will come back to fix any issues that your roof has sustained because of their own negligence.

Every workmanship warranty offers different benefits along with specific stipulations. This warranty should be talked about directly with your roofing contractor for particular details.

Labor Warranties

A small fee is usually paid for this limited warranty. When we mention a warranty that is limited, we mean that the warranty will vary it’s coverage on a case to case basis.

Roofing System Warranties

There are some warranties that only cover the “membrane” of your roof, and no other important product used into the roof installation process, but this isn’t always stated clearly. A roofing system warranty will cover your entire roof, the labor and the materials used, but with a larger fee.

Make your final decision based on what fits into your budget, and what is most important for you, but take into consideration what your contractor thinks would be best for you. Call a local contractor who you can trust when deciding on a roof warranty and discuss the ups and downs of each choice. At A-1 Property Services, we will be happy to talk to you anytime about each of our warranties. Contact us today!

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