How to Color Coordinate Your Home Exterior

roof repairChoosing colors for your home’s exterior is a different proposition than choosing the interior color palette. Instead of relying solely on your personal preferences, exterior colors should take into account a number of factors, such as the overall feel of the neighborhood, the natural surroundings, and colors utilized by adjacent homes. For these reasons, it’s often more challenging to choose an exterior palette, but the right choices can greatly increase your home’s curb appeal.

Looking to Nature for Inspiration

The colors in your surrounding environment may provide an excellent palette for your home’s exterior. If your home is situated among a verdant area with lots of evergreen trees, an earthy palette of browns and deep greens may be an excellent choice. Conversely, a home near the ocean might be better suited to a palette of marine blues and sandy shades. Your mountain home might do well with more rustic colors like burgundy and brown, while your home near the beach might benefit from soft yellow hues, bright blues, and neutral shades of beige. The benefit of letting nature inspire you is that it’s hard to go wrong when you choose colors that exist naturally together.

Getting Inspiration from Other Neighborhoods

Nature is an excellent way to choose an exterior palette for your home, but you might also enjoy visiting other neighborhoods to see what’s popular in nearby areas. Should you happen upon a home that inspires you, don’t be too shy to talk to the owners about their color choices; they’ll probably be flattered that you noticed their efforts!

Creating Your Own Inspiration

The latest trend can be eye-catching, but trends come and go quickly; you may find that your home is behind the times before you get finished updating it. By trusting your own style instincts, rest assured you won’t hate looking at your home a year after you finish your update.

Choosing Colors with a Miami Roofing Contractor

Whether you choose your inspiration from nature, another neighborhood, or your own imagination, start by seeking out a Miami roofing contractor to help you make the best color choices for your Miami home. At A-1 Property Services, we understand how important it is for your home to be truly beautiful, as well as uniquely yours.

Contact us today to explore the best possible color combinations of siding and roofing for your home.

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