How To Know When It’s Time for Flat Roof Waterproofing

How To Know When It's Time for Flat Roof Waterproofing

Waterproofing your commercial low-slope or flat roof is an excellent step toward preserving your investment. Flat roof waterproofing is your safeguard against basic physics: a flat roof cannot shed water as well as a steep-slope roof. Water that sits is water that infiltrates. What does waterproofing involve, and when do you know you need waterproofing?


Waterproofing involves spraying or brushing on additional layers of protection on top of your commercial roof. Flat roof waterproofing is actually only one aspect of the type of work A-1 Property Services regularly performs.

Working in the near-tropical Miami area, we waterproof walls, parking decks, plaza decks and green roofs. When we approach flat roof waterproofing, we can put down one of four different types:

  • Hot rubberized asphalt waterproofing
  • Cold applied polyurethane reinforced waterproofing
  • Cold applied rubberized waterproofing – Non reinforced and reinforced
  • Torch applied waterproofing

Each type has its advantages and disadvantages that you can discuss with your representative at A-1 Property Services.

When to Waterproof

Your commercial flat roof is sending you signals that flat roof waterproofing is needed. Three aspects, completely independent of your efforts to preserve your existing roof, are:

  • Age—The older a commercial roof gets, the fewer embedded chemicals it has to protect it; commercial roofs older than a decade are prime candidates for additional waterproofing
  • Weather patterns—Miami’s steady diet of harsh sunlight and heavy rain hasten any roof’s demise; waterproofing can extend your roof for less than the cost of a reroofing job
  • Square footage—Large, open expanses of a flat roof (for a warehouse, for example) are prone to develop areas where insulation compresses, leading to ponding; these large expanses can be waterproofed economically, helping to delay the cash outlay of a new roof

In addition, several other factors point toward waterproofing:

  • Budget—A waterproofing job can extend the life of your existing roof until your capital improvement budget allows for a complete re-roofing
  • Traffic—If your roof gets substantial foot traffic (such as visitors to a green space or repair technicians for HVAC and communications), waterproofing can reduce the chance of water infiltration along the walkways and work areas
  • History—If your roof has a history of repair problems, leaks or clogged drains, flat roof waterproofing can help

To truly know when your commercial roof needs waterproofing, contact us at A-1 Property Services. We can come out, assess your flat roof waterproofing needs, and work with you to plan, budget, and schedule the work.

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