How to Protect Your Roof from the Florida Sun

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Your roof is constantly bombarded by the sun’s harmful UV rays, along with the occasional rain showers, strong winds, and other natural elements. With that said, you must make sure that it’s adequately equipped to combat the heat so you won’t have to deal with premature deterioration and roof repairs. Below are some tips for you to remember if you want to give your Fort Lauderdale roofing system a fighting chance against the great ball of fire in the sky.

Ensure adequate ventilation.

roofAir vents and exhaust systems are necessary to allow hot air to escape and cool air to enter your roof. Take note that the roof must be able to breathe via ventilation equipment not only for heat reduction, but for the prevention of moisture buildup as well. Such devices are usually installed in areas where there is a high concentration of heat.

Choose the right color.

Energy-efficient roofs aren’t only made of the right components, but also have the right color. Did you know that choosing heat reflective and resistant colors can reduce your cooling bills by at least 20 percent? Light roofs are particularly suited to go with Florida’s hot summers and generally warm climate. Just remember to take your home’s architectural style into account when deciding on a hue.

Consider reflective roof coatings.

For an extra layer of protection, you can call on a dependable Miami roofer to apply heat-resistant coating on your roof. This coating minimizes the damaging effects of sunlight exposure, deflects infrared heat, and could even extend your roof’s life.

Roof coatings may not be applicable for seriously deteriorated roofing and/or certain types of materials.

Opt for heat-resistant roofing material.

roof tilesRoofing manufacturers are constantly upgrading their products to help them become more energy-efficient and eco-friendly. For example, some shingles carried by established roofing companies like A-1 Property Services are manufactured with tiny granules that offer greater heat resistance – and more energy savings.

Cool roofing materials such as these types of shingles, metal roofing, or tile roofs, make it easier for you to protect your home from the scorching heat.

Attic Ventilation

Most of the hype about cool roofing tends to focus on the roofing materials themselves. However, it is equally important to have proper ventilation in your attic.  Without ventilation, even the most reflective roof type will be unable to cope with the excessive heat throughout the day.

By taking care to ensure that your roofing system is carefully constructed by  a local, reputable contractor, you have the ability and freedom to enjoy a cooler and more comfortable home – even in the middle of a Florida summer.

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Originally published:January 16, 2013
Information updated: July 16, 2015