Inspections and Roof Maintenance: DIY or Use A Professional?

water_drop_with_dripLeaking roofs are more than just a mop and a bucket. It means there are problems that have been building for quite a while. It may have started in any number of ways and all of them point to a situation in which you may need to call a professional Miami roofing company for assistance.

Maintenance Problems

At A-1 Property Services, we know about all of the roof maintenance problems that can present themselves in the Miami area. A few things you can look at before giving us a call are:

  • If the leak, presented by a wet ceiling, is toward the outer perimeter of the room, it may have come from a leak further up the roof line. It might be a loose nail or a curled or missing shingle. A home inspection will be able to locate the problem.
  • Roof vents are also prone to problems that a proper roof maintenance inspection will help discover. They may have come loose due to high winds that come far too often. A coating of roofing sealant over the nails will help prevent this as well as ensuring that they are installed properly. A-1 Property Services does this with every roof we install or repair and can show you how venting problems can be noticed and repaired.
  • Dark spots on wood may or may not be a new problem. You can test them with a screwdriver by pressing on them. If they are soft then you have a current problem with leaking. But, if they are dry, then its an old problem that has already been fixed.


Home Roof Maintenance/Inspection Tips

Some simple maintenance and inspections homeowners can do include:

  • Keep your roof free of debris
  • Make sure soffits and roof vents are not blocked.
  • Keep trees trim so they don’t rub on the roof  or excessively shade the roof causing moisture problems
  • Look for damage in valley areas and around flashing.
  • Check inside your attic for signs of leaks.
  • Keep your gutters and downspouts free of debris.


These are just a few things to do with roof maintenance.  Each type of roof, shingle, metal, slate or tile, may have individual problems to be looked for. A-1 Property Services has been in business since 2006 and has worked on every roofing system there is. We provide service in the Miami area to the satisfaction of a growing number of clients. If you see a potential problem with your roof or would like a professional to do an inspection for you, Contact A-1 Property Services.
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