Questions to Ask an Insurance Adjuster

Destroyed beach houses in devastated area six months after HurriAs a Miami roofing contractor, at A-1 Property Services we want you to be prepared in the event of an insurance claim on your home. If your home suffers damage from flood, rain, wind, or fire or any another catastrophe, as a homeowner you should do your homework before speaking to a claims adjuster. This includes knowing what your policy says and having some cost estimating done to arm yourself with the right information and the right questions.

Any adjuster from a reputable insurance carrier will base a settlement on the evidence and on what the policy covers. It is in the best interests of the insurance company to pay the minimum required. This keeps the company in the black, profit-wise.

Following are some questions to ask a claims adjuster when your Miami home suffers damage:

How can I prevent more damage?

When you contact the adjuster to begin the claim process, describe the situation and ask what you should do to stop further damage. For instance, should you tarp the roof? Should you remove furniture from the room where the ceiling is leaking? Should you call an emergency contractor? Get specific answers from the claim representative or ask to have an adjuster call before he visits.

A-1 Property Services, a Miami roofing contractor, is someone who can advise you on how to secure your home. We have a dedicated emergency roofing team who is always ready to respond in any emergency.

What is the claim number?

Get this during the initial call. Also, obtain the name and phone number of your adjuster. Communication is key to accuracy, expediency, and peace of mind for you, the homeowner.

What documentation do you need from me?

  • Cost Estimate – Our experts at A-1 Property Services can provide you with an accurate and complimentary estimate on roof replacement and emergency repairs.
  • Other Possible Documentation – A statement of lost wages, hotel bills, dry cleaning, carpet cleaning, mold remediation, etc.
  • Take Pictures of the Damage – Do this before you do anything to the house; know about your damage before the adjuster inspects it, and walk through the site with him to be sure he sees all the affected areas.

Be completely honest with your adjuster. Present the damage as it really happened, and do not add in old issues not related to the incident.

When will I receive payment? Will my insurance rates increase?

These are legitimate questions which deserve an honest, straightforward answer. So, do some homework to prepare for when a claims adjuster visits your home to assess damage. The more information he has when he first visits hopefully will mean a quicker process time.

When your roof suffers any sort of damage, A-1 Property Services can help you. As a Miami roofing contractor, we have lots of experience dealing with the damage that mother nature can throw at us. Contact A-1 Property Services for immediate emergency help and for a free estimation of the damage to your roof.

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