Keep Your Building Dry With New Roof Waterproofing Services

A-1 Property Services has always worked to ensure your commercial property’s roof keeps your business protected from the elements, and now we are pleased to provide similar protection to other parts of your building. From foundation to plaza deck to green roof, our commercial waterproofing services can keep you watertight and shipshape, no matter the weather. 

Below Ground or Out of Sight

Some waterproofing services are meant to work invisibly, behind the scenes. Several of our commercial waterproofing services fit in this category:

  • Below grade waterproofing—Keeping your Miami-area business on solid footing begins with below grade waterproofing to preserve your building envelope; without below grade waterproofing, you may suffer ceaseless water infiltration, mold and mildew
  • Elevator shaft waterproofing—Your building’s elevator shaft and elevator pit both require waterproofing to preserve the cast concrete and keep the pit machinery dry
  • Air and vapor barriers—Keep water, and moisture-laden air, from migrating into areas you want to keep dry
  • Industrial sump pump waterproofing—Because Miami already contends with a high water table and changing climate is driving increased flooding, industrial sump pumps become critical parts of your business infrastructure; ensure perfect operation and complete waterproofing for your sump pumps


partial green roof top covered with sedum plants

partial green roof top covered with sedum plants

Some commercial waterproofing services in highly visible areas can make your building a dazzling showstopper, by complementing important architectural design features:

  • Vehicular traffic coatings/pedestrian traffic coatings—For parking garages we at A-1 Property Services can apply the ideal vehicular and pedestrian traffic coatings; we handle it all, including expansion joints, control joints, speed bumps and car bumpers
  • Plaza deck—A walkable (and possibly drivable) plaza deck that provides usable and valuable real estate beneath it must be waterproofed, and A-1 Property Services can provide hot rubberized, torch-applied or cold-applied commercial waterproofing services
  • Green roofing—While green roofing is marvelous for the environment and easy on the budget, the combined soil and water can be hard on a roof; waterproofing beforehand is a great way to prevent water infiltration, root travel and other issues associated with green roofs

Here to Help

Please contact our offices for project specific questions in regards to your upcoming projects. Since much of the waterproofing in any building is best done before construction is finished, we can provide insight through our design services, our complete knowledge of spray and brush coatings, commercial waterproofing services and methods, and water repellants.