Licensed Roof Repair Miami Homeowners Can Trust

roofingWhen it comes to roof repair, Miami is a great place to be. However, much like fair weather friends, it is also possible to find fair weather “roofers” who are not properly licensed or trained and do not have proper insurance for their purported profession. With these kinds of roofers, you run a lot of unnecessary risk.

Licensing is not about the law. It is about knowing that the contractor you choose will have the training to do an effective roof repair Miami homeowners can trust, like A-1 Property Services. If the workers are not trained, they will make novice mistakes that you will end up paying for twice, when you hire someone to repair your roof properly.

Damage to Your Home

When a roofer gets on the roof and begins to work, they have enormous potential to cause damage. While a small roof repair may seem like a non-issue, a bad contractor can cause terrible problems due to being amateur. Without licensing and liability insurance, a shady contractor can go unpunished for doing the shoddiest work and for any additional damage they may cause.

Frivolous Lawsuits

Miami is, also, a robust population center with many people. When there are lots of people, not everyone is honest. Over time, at A-1 Property Services, we have begun to notice a small subset of unlicensed contractors who are not even in the business to really repair roofs. Rather, they make their living by signing on for a job and then having one of their workers fall off of the roof. You can solve this kind of problem by not hiring any roofer who does not have ample liability and workers’ compensation insurance, in addition to not being fully licensed. While hiring licensed and insured roofers will expand your costs somewhat, this is an investment in protecting yourself and your home.

Protecting Yourself

You can solve a lot of problems by not hiring unlicensed roofers. Do not take the chance of serious damage to your Miami home or your livelihood just to save a few dollars short-term. Whether you are having your roof replaced completely, or simply repaired, you need to protect yourself. While it may seem as if a smaller roof repair is a tiny job, it can have a tremendous damaging impact on your home and it is just as important to hire a licensed company, such as A-1 Property Services.

Don’t take a chance with your housing repairs. Contact A-1 Property Services, a fully insured and licensed company for roof repair Miami homeowners can really rely on.

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