Miami Roofers, A-1 Property Services: Your Hurricane Specialists!

A118In South Florida, your home is vulnerable to the hurricane force winds that sweep in from the Atlantic and Caribbean. Before you know it, the hurricane season will be upon us in Miami and other neighboring oceanfront communities.

If your home was built before tougher roof standards were put into effect, your home may be more vulnerable than ever. That’s why it is critical that you rely on professional Miami roofers like A-1 Property Services when you need to repair or replace your roof during a hurricane event in Miami.

If you do sustain storm damage, our experts at A-1 Property Services will rush to your aid and either tarp or place a temporary patch on your roof until the weather allows a complete repair. Our company has years of experience in these situations and with insurance companies. If replacement is called for, there are a number of options to consider.


Metal Roofs

Metal Roofs are gaining popularity all through Miami, and neighboring communities. While they are more expensive initially than conventional roofs, they can last a lifetime. A lifetime of wear versus 10 -20 years for shingles or tile roofs may be the best option if your budget allows.

There are other benefits of metal roofing that are worth mentioning. Metal Roofs:

    • Are Very Durable and Resistant to High Wind
    • Require Very Little Maintenance
    • Are Energy Efficient
    • Are Fire Retardant


Tile Roofs

Although tile roofs have been associated with Miami since colonial times, advancements have been made over the years in the materials and processes used in the manufacture of tile roof materials.

Clay tiles once dominated, but the new generation of roofing tiles includes very durable concrete tiles and the new Poly foam tiles that offer 20 year warranties and wind protection up to 140 mph when you take advantage of A-1’s Diamond Pledge warranty.

Concrete tiles are gaining strength in the market because they offer durability, wind resistance capabilities, long life (up to 50 years), and a large selection of styles and colors.


Today’s new generation of Roof shingles are a far cry from those used a generation ago. This new breed of shingles are made to withstand the force of high winds when applied by expert Miami roofers like A-1 Property Services. Choose from economy or upgraded styles.

For service on your roof after a storm, or anytime, and a free estimate, contact your top rated Miami Roofers, A-1 Property Services, a Master Elite Roofing Contractor.

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