New Roof Got You Steamed? Cool Down with GAF Roofing

Replacing your roof of your Miami-area home can be a challenge. For most people, this is a once-in-a-lifetime task, since a quality roof can last 20 years or more. You want quality, affordability and durability. With the many roofing material choices on the market, finding that ideal combination can seem impossible.

What Quality Looks Like

Timberline_CoolLine_BarkwoodA-1 Property Services depends on a quality products for reliable performance, ease of installation, and consistent manufacturing. As roofing contractors we know that customers want choices, and in Miami, those choices must include energy-friendly light colors for maximum heat reflectivity, as well as creative and attractive textures. Other attributes to look for:

  • Are the shingles certified under the federal Energy Star program?
  • Is roofing installation a complete, integrated system, from underlying roll materials through shingles?
  • How long is the manufacturer’s warranty? A quality roofing product will have a strong warranty behind it.

GAF Quality

GAF has been producing building materials for more than 100 years and is North America’s largest manufacturer of residential and commercial roofing.  Since 1886, GAF has led in quality, and continues that proud tradition with these notable achievements:

  • GAF singles were first to pass both the Class F 110 mph and Class H 150 mph wind ratings, a key concern for Miami homeowners.
  • GAF’s Timberline® Cool Series of asphalt shingles are energy efficient in an array of colors. These are the #1 selling shingles in the United States. For Miami-area homes, the light colors that have earned the Energy Star certification include Cool Antique Slate, Cool Barkwood and Cool Weathered Wood.

GAF Smart Choices

GAF roofing materials offer so many choices that are right for your Miami home, your new challenge will be picking your favorite. In addition to the Timberline® Cool Series, consider these Energy Star-certified choices:

  • Timberline® Natural Shadow, Arctic White
  • Timberline® Ultra HD, White
  • Timberline® HD, White
  • Royal Sovereign®, White

These products not only wear well, they will save you energy by reflecting radiant energy away from your home, lowering your cooling costs by as much as 15 percent.

GAF Installation

When choosing a contractor to install your GAF roofing, you need someone who thoroughly understands the GAF product line. Look for a GAF Master Elite™ contractor, like A-1 Property Services, because you will know that the contractor’s work force has been trained by GAF through its C.A.R.E. installation training program.  For help in selecting GAF roofing for your Miami home, contact us at A1 Property Services.