New Roof Installations: Is a Tear-Off Really Necessary?

Picture 2278Getting a new roof installed on your home not only protects it from Miami’s scorching sun and harsh elements; it also adds value to your home. Of course, even with affordable roofing options, a new roof is a major investment – and a substantial amount of this goes to the experts who get the job done for you.  In an effort to cut on costs, many people wonder: is it necessary to have the old roof removed, or can a few bucks be shaved from the bill by installing over the existing roof? 

Is a Tear-Off Always Necessary?

If you perform an online search on this topic, you will find that many websites advertise a simple re-roof as a great solution to your money and roofing problems. It is cheaper, as you won’t have to pay for the “tear-off” (labor and disposal of the old roof). It is also faster, as the installers can get right to work on your new shingles.

When it’s done right, installing new shingles over the old ones will look great, and give you a huge sigh of relief. The great question left to you is: why would I not simply install a new roof over my old one?

When You Should Consider a Tear-Off

There are some situations when it’s not a good idea to shingle over an old roof. Here are the most common reasons to discuss a re-roof with your contractor:

There are Already Two Layers of Shingles—Most building codes do not allow for more than two layers of shingles.

Your Roof is Leaky—In order to properly repair a leaky roof, getting to the bottom of the problem is essential, as the waterproofing layer of your roof will need to be examined and mended/replaced.

The Old Roof is Damaged or Shingles are Curling—New shingles must be able to lay flat. Curled shingles, sagging areas, or other damage on the old roof will warp and damage the new shingles you have put on top of them.

Not Enough Support—Shingles are extremely heavy. In fact, on an average 2,000 square foot roof, the weight of the shingles can be more than two tons! If your home cannot support the additional weight, you’ll want to remove the old shingles first.

Affordable Roofing You Can Trust

Affordable roofing comes in many shapes and forms.  Although money can be saved in a re-roof, it is unfortunately a very short-term savings.  When your shingle roof requires replacement in a decade or two, there will be an additional layer to remove, with higher costs attached.  Any leaks that occur will be extremely difficult to find with two layers of shingles to have to sort through, and manufacturer’s warranties, unfortunately, often do not cover a re-roof project. Overall, the lifespan of a re-roof is much shorter than a tear-off roof replacement, due in part to the additional heat that is trapped from the double-layer of insulating shingles.

Despite all of this, many homeowners will opt for an inexpensive re-roof, as their financial state is more urgent than the quality of the roof above their heads.  If you need affordable roofing options with expert installers, contact A-1 Property Services, serving the Miami area today. Our roofers are GAF Master Elite™ certified so you can be sure our techniques are sharp and up-to-date, giving you get the best roof for your money.

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