One Small Roofing Repair for Your Home, One Giant Relief for You

problem_shingles_Picture 1665Imagine going to your dentist and being told, “Since you have a cavity, we’ll wait a bit and then take all your teeth out and replace them.” You would never agree to that; you would want the one small problem fixed before it became a larger issue. The same is true for your Jupiter-area home’s roof. One or two loose or damaged shingles are a small repair that can prevent big headaches.

It’s Only One Small Part of One Shingle!

High winds can cause uplift on shingles. Asphalt shingles are more brittle in cool weather than in warm, so the cooler weather of a major storm makes your roof less forgiving. A tab can be torn away, and uplift can raise shingles off their adhesive. Every separation is an entry point for water. The broken shingle tab means less protection for your roof.

It’s Only One Shingle!

Suppose you only have one loose shingle. You can see it overlapped—and was overlapped by—other shingles. Most shingles attach with four roofing nails. One loose shingle means that as many as four attachment points failed. One missing nail is an 1/8th-inch opening for water to pour into your roof. A normal rainstorm will bring enough water to saturate insulation and drywall in under an hour. In a hurricane, enough water could come in that one small hole to ruin an entire roomful of furniture.

It’s Only Seven—Okay, I Get the Point!

If your roof has unfortunately sustained major storm damage, with scattered gaps in your shingles, you need professional repair soon. But do not feel you are looking at a do-it-yourself weekend job. A slippery roof is no place for an amateur. And do not feel you are facing the expense of a monumental re-roofing job. A GAF Master Elite Contractor can expertly and neatly remove and replace torn or damaged shingles, matching your existing shingles in color and profile.

Other minor problems that can be remedied with careful repair:

  • Underlying roofing felt is torn
  • Metal flashing is loose or improperly bent around pipes and chimneys
  • Moss is growing on your shingles
  • Blue-green algae is growing on your shingles
  • Dark spots are forming on your shingles

Some issues are cosmetic, but still deserve attention, while others point to impending larger problems. For more help with shingle repairs on your Jupiter-area home’s roof, contact us at A-1 Property Services, Inc.

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