Prepare Your Home for a Cozy Autumn

roof repair services by A1 help Miami homeowners to prepare for a cozy autumn season

Miami in the autumn is, for many, even more perfect than our beautiful semi-tropical summers. Outside work around the house is easier in the cooler temperatures, and insects become less bothersome. A few quick home improvement tips can get your Miami home in great shape for a glorious autumn. 

Street View

Cast a critical eye on your property, standing on the sidewalk or at the end of your driveway. What do you see? A shabby front porch, dingy siding, or a roof badly in need of roof repair? Keeping and boosting curb appeal is one half of the outdoor makeover list for fall:

  • Walkways and Drive—Summer was driveway sealing time, but what about lovely Belgian Block stones to line either side of the paved drive? Consider cleaning out around walkway stones, to remove weeds and reset the sand or mortar. Cut back plant growth so visitors have a safe, inviting walk to your front door.
  • Front porch and entrance—A new front door can transform the whole look of your house. New, weatherproof designs increase energy efficiency and personal security. Check your porch deck: replace rotten wood and consider fresh paint with anti-slip additives to brighten its appearance and increase traction
  • Siding—A Saturday afternoon cleaning your vinyl, fiber-cement or metal siding will not only make you feel better, your house will look better, too. Use a mildly abrasive dish sponge and a bleach/TSP solution; rinse downward with a hose, not a pressure washer.


For the other part of your fall makeover, embrace autumn’s beauty and brighten up your front porch with fall-themed decorations. A straw bale and corn stalks gives a festive facelift without seeming garish. Add pumpkins that can become Halloween jack-o-lanterns. The whole design can easily remain through Thanksgiving by swapping out the carved pumpkins for a few gourds and squashes.

Roof Repair

The chores we listed all keep you at or close to ground level. We at A-1 Property Services do not consider roof repair a do-it-yourself project. For safety reasons, please consider hiring professional roofers to attend to minor or major roof repair:

  • Loose or missing shingles
  • Damaged or dislodged flashing
  • Broken Spanish or flat tile
  • Rusted or popped seams on metal roofing

All roofs are treacherous, and most homeowners lack the safety equipment and experience to perform roof repair work safely and efficiently. Contact A-1 Property Services today for help completing your autumn maintenance list.

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