Protect Your Business With a Commercial Roof Maintenance Program

a1_commercial_roofDid you know that one of the most expensive projects for your business can be roof replacement, installation and maintenance? Even though your manufacturer’s warranty may still be in effect, the weather conditions in Miami, Florida can take their toll on commercial and industrial buildings. Your roof system is always susceptible to severe weathering, contraction, expansion, and other environmental abuse.

Since your roof covers your offices and business equipment, providing protection and stability from the external environment, you need to ensure that your roof stays in shape by hiring a professional Miami roofing contractor. Qualified roofing contractors will help you select the optimal material, product and installation process for your commercial venture.

Dedicated to Fixing Problems

A-1 Property Services is dedicated to fixing small problems before they become larger ones — which will maximize your existing roofing system. When we visit an industrial or commercial building for a scheduled inspection, we inspect your roof to identify a broad range of potential problems.

Common Commercial Roof Damage

Enrolling in a commercial roof maintenance program can keep your roof in tip-top condition, and determine if your roof is susceptible to the following types of damage:

  • Plugged roof drains
  • Open pipe flashing
  • Open field seams
  • Rooftop debris
  • Open wall flashing sealant
  • Roof deterioration

Avoid Roofing Catastrophes

Enlisting in an annual or semi-annual roof maintenance program with a local, professional roofing contractor like A-1 Property Services will help you to avoid the types of damage that plague Miami businesses, and nip problems in the bud, before they turn into major catastrophes.

Consider Maintenance By Commercial Roofing Experts

Many commercial business properties have designated maintenance workers employed to keep their property in good shape, but the signs of roof damage and deterioration are not always obvious. Failure to detect small problems could lead to larger problems — such as extensive water damage to electrical systems, roof insulation, expensive equipment or business property. In addition, repairing a roof with the wrong products will invalidate your warranty. While maintenance people generally do well at certain tasks, commercial roofing maintenance and scheduled inspections should only be entrusted to roofing experts.

Why A-1 Property Services

As roofing professionals with vast commercial roofing maintenance experience since our founding in 2006, our expert’s attention to detail allows us to easily spot subtle differences that others may miss. As a GAF MasterElite Roofing Contractor, we know which products to use and how to use them, so your warranty will stay valid and your roof will last longer — decreasing the risks and costs to your business. Contact A-1 Property Services and let’s create the roof maintenance program you need.

Our Roof Maintenance Program