Reminder: Roof Inspections Important After Severe Weather

Florida Governor Rick Scott had requested for federal aid in light of Florida’s recent flooding problems, the Miami Herald reported on July 24, 2013. Scott aims to have President Obama declare a disaster for the state, which will allow the government to extend some much-needed aid towards the victims. Until then, authorities will review the request and determine its feasibility.

Miami, and the state of Florida in general, is a constant target for tropical storms every year; heavy rains-which are responsible for the very same floods Gov. Scott is working to address–are to be expected. While flooding can visibly ruin buildings and objects at ground level, most folks tend to forget all about checking their “untouched” roofs for damage. Roofing in the Miami, FL region needs to be inspected, even after a simple rain, just to be sure that water damage has not yet taken root.


The state authorities claim that there’s $29 million worth of property damage due to the thick downpour. The rains began around the first week of July, and have unloaded great amounts of water upon certain communities. The Panhandle regions received about 12 inches of rain, while the counties of Walton and Washington soaked under 20 inches of rain.

Authorities also stated that the showers have dealt considerable and critical damage to homes, roads, and public facilities in several select neighborhoods. The regions most affected by water damage were the Bay, Holmes, Okaloosa, Walton, and Washington counties. Should the declaration of disaster be passed, these counties will be the first to receive federal aid for structural repairs and removal of flood detritus.

Water can, and will, damage roofing over time, as the surfaces aren’t completely invulnerable to rain and the elements. Even industrial-grade Miami commercial roofing could face destruction after enduring years and years of rainwater. Both residents and business owners should be wary of their roofing’s condition and should call upon a local contractor like A1 Property Services Inc. to both inspect and repair damaged roofs.

Until the declaration of disaster has been passed, Florida locals will have to fend for themselves in the aftermath of heavy rains and inconvenient floods. However, once the President does approve the emergency statement, citizens may start hiring contractors to repair their homes or retail establishments in full force. Approved federal aid should be able to reimburse any repair costs the citizens forward.