Chimney Damage – Act Quickly to Minimize Repair Bills

If you suspect a cracked or otherwise damaged chimney, the demand for repair may be more urgent than you expect. Homeowners in the Miami area with a damaged chimney face potential damage to their home’s structural components, ceilings, walls, and insulation. While some chimney repairs are relatively simple and can be completed by DIY-minded folks, structural and/or interior damage resulting from water exposure is not so easy to correct.

Don’t Underestimate

Although many people may be concerned about residential roofing damage occurring during wind storms, the chimney is often overlooked. Some of the risks associated with chimney damage are closely related to a compromised roof structure:

  • Saturation of insulation within your attic and/or walls, limiting or eliminating the insulating value.
  • Mold growth as a result of warm, moist conditions – associated with respiratory related health issues.
  • Deterioration of wooden structural members of your home. This can also occur as a result of residential roofing damage, but may be mistaken as a leaky chimney. For example, if water leaks through the roof at one end of your home and lands on an uneven stringer (which runs the length of your home), it can end up at the chimney and increase the potential damage in that area.
  • Unsightly staining of your ceilings and/or walls.
  • Warped drywall and/or peeling of wallpaper in moist locations.

If not fixed promptly, any one of these items indicates a problem that will only escalate with time, further decreasing the value of your Miami home.

Professionals Bring Peace of Mind

If you are at all uncertain about the condition of your chimney, or are not sure what you are working with, call a professional to check your residential roofing system. This can bring a great deal of peace of mind and offer you information on where to begin. Perhaps you are handy and can complete some of the maintenance suggestions yourself, but bear in mind that certain repairs, such as replacement of your chimney’s crown, should be always be completed by a professional.

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An ounce of prevention is truly worth a pound of cure: Miami homeowners interested in maintaining their home for the long haul can also schedule a complete residential roofing inspection with A-1 Property Services. Rest assured – our professional staff will provide you fast, dependable, and honest service.

Contact A-1 Property Services today to schedule a roof inspection and prevent those tiny cracks in your chimney from making huge gouges in your pocketbook later on!

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