Restore the History of Your Home With Tile Roofing


History of Tiles

Roof tile in Miami will give your home a valuable historical look and at the same time protect your home and family from the elements. Tile roofs date back hundreds of years and because tile is so durable and made with quality materials there has been evidence that the roof can often outlast the structure it was built on. Tile adds to the quality and appearance of your home creating an historical appearance.

Clay tiles have been found to date back to 10,000 BC in China and were widely touted as one of the most attractive roofing options. The tradition of using tile roofs came to the United States through Dutch settlers and Spanish missionaries. In the 1500’s the Florida settlement of St. Augustine used clay roofing tiles on homes. The extraordinary style of hand molded tiles quickly became popular and sometime around 1870, builders started manufacturing the tiles by machine.Roofing Tab lowresland

2 Basic Styles of Roofing Tiles

  1. Rounded Pan Tiles – The rounded pan tiles are very popular on older Spanish style homes. They look like half of a small barrel, which is also where they get the name barrel tiles. They have also been referred to as Mission tiles.
  2. Flat Tiles – The flat tiles look a lot like a shingle and are also called book tiles, slab tiles, or French tiles. They resemble slate and are laid with the ends overlapping where they will interlock.

Often when you hear the words; “clay tile roof”, most people think of the popular Spanish rounded tiles. However, the flat tiles were just as popular when building homes hundreds of years ago as well as today. Clay tile also came to the forefront of home building when home owners and builders became more aware of devastating fires in the late 1600’s. New fire codes in large cities like Boston encouraged the use of fireproof materials like clay tiles. Roof tile in Miami also enabled homeowners to meet code.
Using roof tile in Miami will bring out the distinctive historical look of your home. Today with different options for tile like colors, shapes, patterns and different textures will bring out the historical beauty of your home. Clay roof tile is the material that has the longest life expectancy, and is one of the most attractive options available.

For more information about the benefits of this great roofing type and whether it is right for your home, contact A1 Property Services. We service the roofing needs of Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and the surrounding area.

Tile Roofing Options