Roof Coatings that Have Your Commercial Building Covered

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Flat, or low slope roofs, are commonly the type that most commercial buildings in Miami have. These have specific peculiarities that are not commonly seen on high pitched roofs on homes or other structures. The knowledge of the professionals needed for this application, or any maintenance needed, is far greater than what is needed to apply even a metal or slate roof.

There are a number of roof coating systems that are used for these special roofs and specific training and certifications are needed for all of them:

Built-up Roofing

  • This is commonly called ‘tar and gravel’ roofing. It is a very reliable way of protecting a low slope roof and has been in existence since the 1840’s. U.S. commercial buildings have employed this for the past 100 years but it is also applied on some residential homes. It is composed of bitumen with fabric reinforcement, including fiberglass, that combines together as a membrane.


Single-Ply Roofing Membrane

  • These membranes are formulated from ethylene and propylene which comes from natural gas. EPDM and TPO are two types of roofing materials. These rubber-like roof coating materials are resistant to the ozone, to algae and are environmentally friendly.


Modified Bitumen Roofing

  • This is a high tech combination of qualities using the principles of a built-up roof and other modifiers. Depending on the circumstances and skills of the workmen, these can be applied in a hot or cold process. Modified Bitumen has the benefits of flexible plastic additives with fiberglass reinforcement. The membrane is then sealed either by heat-fusing or cold-applied adhesives to create a strong, flexible seal for the protection needed.

A-1 Property Services will ensure these roof coating materials are not only the best for each client but also applied in the proper way with the proper preparations that only a certified professional will be able to accomplish. Finding a roofing company with these certifications, like A-1 Property Services, is important as your building will only be protected as long as they are applied in a non-leaking, professional way.

All manufacturers have qualifications that must be met, whether it is Carlisle, Johns Mandville, Soprema or the most popular system, GAF Master Select™ Roofing. For example, when GAF Master Select™ certifies a contractor, you know they have the highest regard for your building and the people who work within it. They have your safety in mind.

When you need your Miami area flat roof repaired or replaced, the roofing contractor to call is A-1 Property Services, Inc. Contact A-1 Property Services today for more information or to schedule an inspection of your flat or low slope roof.

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